A Tribe Called Red - Suplex EP 

Released May 19 2015

By Graham White

It is hard to expect anything less than amazing from Juno Award Winning Artists formally known as A Tribe Called Red. Ian Campeau, Bear Witness, and Tim “2oolman” Hill come together, blending dubstep/hip hop inspired dance beats with traditional First Nation sounds to create what can only be described as absolutely phenomenal dance music. With its roots in the earth and fingertips stretched to the sky, their recently released Suplex EP is short and sweet, giving listeners a taste of what is to come.

Leading the EP is Suplex ft. Northern Voice, where listeners are treated to divine vocality flowing over an infectious beat. It is near impossible for listeners to keep still, as the track dips and drops, creating a most danceable tune. 8-bit samples, chants, and blood pumping beats all come together in this electronic jamboree. The People’s Champ ft. Hellnback follows with a driving beat and lyricism that puts itself above the petty rap that graces pop radio stations. Spitting rhymes with speed and clarity, and with a backing track that pulls listeners to their feet, the track is hard-hitting while demanding movement. Absolute in its confident beats, this track embodies pure energy to the nth degree, and has stuck itself in my ears and soles.

Bodyslam picks up the pace with a classic house sound and keeps the movement flowing. Fast paced with a strong electronic melody and enough old-school dubstep drops to give you heart-tremors, the track is absolutely stunning. It is both magnificent and highly danceable. Immediately following this rib-cage-shaking track, a Bodyslam remix by Smalltown Djs eats its way into your ears. Perfect for listeners who simply can’t live with only 4 minutes of unadulterated dance music, the remix keeps the energy going and builds into a drop that would make Wolfgang Gartner smile like a kindergartner. Fun, energetic, and altogether brilliantly mixed, the remix keeps true to the aesthetic created by A Tribe Called Red.

Suplex EP brings together gut-punching beats and superb vocality to create sounds that are as addictive as they are enjoyable. This EP is worth more than just one listen, and the accompanying music video for Suplex is worth far more than a thousand words. Lovers of electronic music, this is an EP you cannot afford to miss out on!