Astrocolor — Astrocolor

Astrocolor is back with yet another colourful set of songs, only this time they have nothing to do with the holidays. The three-song EP release is perfect for those of you who are missing that part of the '90s club scene that flooded our ears with The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. While that part is true, they still keep it fresh with their foot in the new funk scene dominating our airwaves with acts like Bruno Mars.

"DisGo Like Disco" is the perfect funk-filled intro, and might be this spring’s sound of freedom. If it doesn’t make it into your spring top ten, then "Una Massive Sunshine" will definitely be your number one summer beach song. Add it to your playlist now. Finally, "Smell Of Acid" reminds me of those '90s drug films like Go and the stripped-down barn raves I used to sneak into while my parents thought I was at a sleepover. If trance is what you want, trance is what you’ll get.

Astrocolor plans to release more tracks this year. Are they worth the wait? For sure, even if you’re just in it for the glory pains of nostalgia.