Dragonette — Royal Blues

Dragonette’s new album Royal Blues brings a flood of emotion straight to the dance floor, and you’ll want to swim in it. This is their fourth album, and their first since 2013. Time and experience have served them well.

Lead singer Martina Sorbara and her ex-partner Dan Kurtz worked on this album after splitting up, and this masterpiece came out of what happens when you have to see your ex everyday. It’s the phoenix rising out of the ashes of their romantic relationship. It gives us all hope for what can come after it's over. It’s not without life and there will be no dead dance floors with this album. Welcome to the rebirth.

The lyrics have depth similar to Sia and Tove Lo. It is electropop with an epic backstory. It feels positive in a tough-love kind of way, but not in a corny new-age kind of way. Royal Blues is the reminder that everyone dancing beside you tonight has had their heart broken at some point, and they’re still here for the party.

Unfortunately the party goes on for too long. The songs are difficult to tell apart and I’m not sure where the album starts or finishes. It’s a small flaw, but this album needs a song that gives us a moment to sit down and reflect. That’s what major life changes are about, right? 

"High Five" is EDM that feels my struggle and pats me on the back.

"Lonely Heart" is fulfilling my secret wish for ska music to make a comeback. Can I wear suspenders and checkered shoes to the nightclub already?

"Darth Vader" is your ultimate breakup song, after Gloria Gaynor’s "I Will Survive," of course.

"Detonate" is probably as close to a wind-down song as you’re going to get on this album. Ironic, I know, since the title hints at an explosion.

"Lost Teenagers" will have you clapping your hands while you pack your runaway bag.

"Future Ghost" is pure synth and piano gold. I want more of this (with legwarmers and neon lights).

Royal Blues will have you sweating through those painful breakup memories with the help of the synth and steady beats that are sure to reanimate all the dead, cold hearts out there.