Aidan Knight - Each Other

Released January 22, 2016

Victoria artist Aidan Knight’s latest album, Each Other, tip-toes in gently and slowly lulls you into a heady, blissful trance. The album begins with the title track, which sets the tone for the next seven songs with its husky vocals paired with densely layered, yet oddly delicate, instrumentals. This album has complexity to it – listen closely and you'll notice the care that has gone into it. With beautifully crafted lyrics and a tranquil, almost lullaby-esque sound, this album grants itself a spot on our current chill-vibes playlist.  

Although the complexity of the layering of different instruments and the influence of ambience, jazz, and even classical music are a big part of the charm of this album (and a definite hallmark of producer Marcus Paquin, who has worked with big-name bands like Stars, Arcade Fire, and The National), the real star of Each Other is Knight’s unique vocals.

His voice, sometimes deep and gritty, sometimes sweet and gentle, always has an extremely raw, emotional quality. Each Other has etherial tones that you'd find on a Sufjan Stevens album, with long drawn out vocals and backings. All Clear has a similar feel to We Are the City's latest, Above Club, and is an easy melancholic favourite from the album. Funeral Singers and What Light (Never Goes Dim), has Knight’s vocals come in so quietly that the polished instrumentals of the band almost obscure it, giving these tracks an extremely intimate feeling, like you’re listening to a secret whispered in your ear by an old friend. Black Dream finishes the album with raw guitar, dark, cool lyrics and a gentle pace. 

Overall, Aidan Knight has created an album that is cohesive, emotive, and soothing. It's an easy favourite, and definitely worth a listen.