Dylan Dunlap - Feels Right at Home EP

Dylan’s vocals continue to impress on his new EP as he continues to grow and discover his personal style in music. The EP is aptly named, Feels Right at Home.

What makes Dylan interesting as an artist is his genuine interest in improving the work he puts out. Each time he releases music there is an obvious improvement in both the production quality and instrumentals. This makes looking back on previously releases particularly enjoyable, which each having a slightly different style.

On Feels Right at Home, Dylan hones his arrangement skills in creating music that grabs you and pulls you along right until the end. This EP is also the first time we see him showcase a turn toward the country-rock genre, on track Uncharted Land.

Purpose slows things down to a classic ballad, with smooth-light vocals that flow like water through the track.

The final of the 4 tracks on the EP, Bleed the Same, opens again with a slow melody. This time coupled with rhythmic snapping and humanist lyrics, “It’s better to be kind than to always be right.”

Overall, the EP impresses and shows Dylan moving into a more mature and developed phase in his songwriting (which was already at quite a high caliber from a young age). We continue to look forward to what comes next with him. For you - look out for this EP, coming June 2nd.