Dylan Dunlap - Thoughts Become Things

Released February 18, 2016

There is nothing better than an introduction track on an album. They set the tone, show attention to detail, and hint at the cohesive structure of the tracks. The Looking Glass does just this in Dylan Dunlap’s first LP, Thoughts Become Things. From the heavy, chain-like percussion to the smooth, instrumental crescendo, the foundation of the album is set and the listener is guided right along to the fine-tuned new version of Mean’t For You.

Thoughts Become Things includes tracks from Dunlap’s previous EPs (like Lost and Found, and Sister) polished, and amped up. An old fan will find Dunlap’s lyrical performance refreshing on each older track, with new and unique instrumentals. The tracks have grown up.

The new tracks add a depth to the album, like From The Ground - a rougher, moodier style for Dunlap with a catchy, blues-like lyrical feel. With his ability to delve into a deeper, grittier range, more music in this style would be a welcomed addition to future albums. This track was an easy favourite.

A versatile album, the listener gets a taste of many different styles Dunlap could build on for future albums. And, one thing that remains consistent throughout - Dunlap’s incredible voice (those runs, man).  

Ella and Carry On are the key folk-pop pieces on the album, both crowd pleasers with their upbeat melodies and punchy drums. The Thief and the Leaf, To Be Your Son, and World of Hope calm things down with their slow vocals, and emotive lyrics. 

Overall, Thoughts Become Things is a well produced album with a lot of potential to build Dunlap’s fan-base. Several tracks could easily be radio-friendly, and perfect for a listener having a relaxing night with some friends. Highly recommended for fans of folk-pop, or anyone who appreciates some seriously impressive vocals.