Released June 6, 2015

By Rose Morris

Les Tetes Ailleurs live up to their self-proclaimed label of “francofun” with their album Comme Si Le Soleil Brillait Pour Tout L’monde. This sixteen track album ambitiously tackles many different genres, from ‘70’s-style psychedelic rock to reggae to circus music (yes, I’m counting that as a genre of its own). You would think that would make for a pretty disjointed record, but Les Tetes Ailleurs manage to keep things cohesive by infusing everything they do – no matter what genre – with fun, poppy hooks, and impeccable vocals.

The majority of the album is really light and fun, particularly in tracks like Pas de Probleme and reggae-infused Le Monde est un Cirque, but things get a little heavier now and then in songs like M’a Capote – which sounds oddly like a mix between Manu Chao and Kompressor (yeah. It’s weird, but it’s good) - and my personal favourite, J’aime.

J’aime wows right away with its silky, dark vocals. The electric guitar in this song has a distinctive classic rock, psychedelic vibe to it, which you wouldn’t think would go with the modern electro-style synth which joins in part way through the song, but that’s just how good these guys are. This song kind of sums up the whole album, in my opinion, with its many disparate elements coming together to make something surprisingly unique, complex, and entirely cool.

All in all, this is a great album. Often, bands that tackle so many different genres at once can be a little inaccessible and difficult, but Comme Si Le Soleil Brillait Pour Tout L’monde is very easy to appreciate, even on the first listen. These guys are definitely worth your time!