New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions

With the release of their seventh album entitled “Whiteout Conditions” The New Pornographers prove to defy the indie rock genre again and again. With the bands edgy lyrics, various use of guitars, and wide range of vocals, the new pornographers provide a certain style giving they’re music a sort of multigenre theme ensuring their name as one of Canada's best artists. In 2000 they released their first studio album entitled “Mass Romantic,” with much success it was received graciously among listeners and critics alike, gaining ground throughout the rock world. Almost two decades later and they’re still shelling out the hits, breaking the barriers of their creativity with each new album. Coming off a bit of a hiatus since their last album “Brill Bruisers” in 2014, the new pornographers make the time worth the wait. The band captures the intensity of “Brill Bruisers” and rocks with a fierce beat, giving each new song their own character.

The title track “Whiteout” is a free flowing story that shoots through the speakers with ease. What I can only calculate as someone’s battle with depression or anxiety, gazing at life slowly passing them by. If the song wasn’t so damn catchy it would be quite sad. Touching on a deeper level of the band personality. “Play Money” has a very washed sound to it, making it a great choice for a sunny summer day, mellowing out with a drink in hand. Reminds me of a tropical Bonnie and Clyde for some reason, making their way to various banks to rob. A good example of vocal sharing among the artists.

“Avalanche Alley,” a bit of a epic cruiser song, either taking a long drive at excelling speeds or snowboarding down a mountain. Expect your adrenaline to be pumping high, or at least providing a perfect background noise to your BBQ.

The band is assembled of ten different musicians, fluctuating throughout the years. Lead by frontman Carl Newman, with each member contributing to the band in various ways, some play a mix of guitar, bass, drums, and sub for vocals as well. “Whiteout Conditions” discards just a one lead vocalist and exchanges it for easy flowing harmonies among the artists. As seen before in they’re past work but tweaked differently, setting again a different tone for themselves and the rest of the indie rock world.

The bands new album is unique in other ways as well, it’s the first album without vocalist and guitarist Dan Bejar and the first time featuring Joe Seider as they’re fulltime drummer, after replacing Kurt Dahle in 2014. The band had made it clear that is was just a timing issue with Dan’s absence and not a personal one, or that he’s leaving the group. “He was right in the middle of doing a Destroyer album,” Carl Newman says on the absences of Dan Bejar.

Never the less the band stays true to the sound compromising nothing when it comes to their work, showing just how well oiled of a machine they really are, working as a devoted team moving forward. The band achieves and delivers an undoubtedly fresh entanglement of upbeat tempos throughout “Whiteout Conditions.” With it’s jumpy single “High Ticket Attractions” this album is sure to provide a little skip to your step. It’s clear The New Pornographers are a hard as nails band and will continue to pump out hits for decades to come.