Released November 21, 2016

By Morgan Berna

There is quite literally blood, sweat and tears in //AMISTAD//'s new video for Darkerside.

Based in Vernon, BC, //AMISTAD// is one of the most unique band's to come out of Okanagan recently. Their live performance is impressive not only for the insane musicianship these guys have, but for the theatrical quality to their performance that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end (well, if you're still sitting). And people are noticing. They were recently selected as one of only ten bands selected to showcase their songs at the Whistler Film Festival.

Their brand-new video for Darkerside, filmed and produced on their own with their bassist (Nolan Bassett) taking the directing reins, tells the story of the battle between the good and the bad inside us. It's tortured, it's disturbing, and it's personal. As vocalist Aidan Andrews note, "On Talk Peace to a Wolf" we play with this concept of a good and a bad side, a light and a dark. Darkerside seemed to be the only song on the EP that was entirely in the dark. It was my bad side, that alter-ego fully in control. So for me it's always been this song that I feel is very confessional in the way it blatantly states exactly what I'm thinking when I'm in that state of mind." Watch the video for Darkerside below.

Want to see //AMISTAD// live? They'll be playing at the Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret this Thursday (Nov. 24) at 9PM and then on December 2nd at Garfinkel's for the 2016 Whistler Film Festival. If you're not in the area, keep up with their website to find when they'll be playing in your area next.