//AMISTAD// - Talk Peace to a Wolf EP

Released May 3, 2016

By Desiré Amouzou aka CLiCKCRiTiC

It does not matter who we are, at least in my humble opinion, we don't like a musical group or musician ever for only one thing, there's a package that attracts us. 

It's like food. It has to be balanced, for one to even give a meal a passing grade. Like lasagna, for example...vegetarian or meat (shout out to all my vegan friends). If the cheese or the meat isn't cooked, or the pasta is too burnt or hard, the balance is off, you start wondering, "is Nona not cooking tonight?!" 

Ok perhaps we don't give much thought to food arrangements, however I think you get it. If your going to grace your ears with any music you have to like the combination or bokeh as it hits your eardrums. (Bokeh: that mushy blur behind your subject when you take a portrait photo, makes everything sweet). 

Without this, hit singles would have little value. Think of all the hit singles you enjoyed without really liking the follow up album.

So when I heard the single Darkerside from the EP Talk Peace To A Wolf by //AMISTAD// I got nervous. Lead singer, Aidan Andrews, carefully winds the lyrics and transitions into melodies effortlessly. The ensemble of Craig, Eli, Nolan and Carson easily supplemented the main course, and made me want to watch lost in translation, cause I felt like I got the point from what is in this day and age a complex song. Like, I even recall that Giovanni Ribisi was in the movie. So lyrics, performance and production were fantastic, the Volkswagen and I were just fine, just fine. 

But then I had to go to the next song. Guess what, same feeling. 

With a mix of pop, ska, punk, reminding me a little of owl city, though I feel like Aidan is a more balanced vocalist, I put //AMISTAD// into my rotation. 

Frankly I think you will too. The fact that they are from Vernon is even better, (if you've been to Vernon you know they'll have material for years) they carry a positive message, for the most part, but don't muddy any feeling or angst for the sake of a friendly lyric. If your gonna say, say it. In the end that's a kindness isn't it?

Ok, switching gears and rolling up the window on food descriptions...really. How about skateboards? It's not like I ever figured out how to ride, I've always preferred to stay behind the lens and maybe be the park DJ, capturing balance and destruction is always my personal thrill. I've always felt that was what set me apart...everyone has something unique about them, everyone, Right? That's how I feel.

Then I watched their official music video. 

Aptly it was the song, Radikal. I watched it after I bought my son his first legit skateboard. It was then that I realized, I need to work harder. It's no disrespect to performing artist, or entertainers, whatever category you choose to classify the mainstream, but Bieber and Company do not hold a candle to the effortlessly cool composite collection which is //AMISTAD//.

In a time where Icons of Canadian culture, The Barenaked Ladies, The Tragically Hip (our hearts out to you Mr Gord Downie, you and all your family), are slipping into the legendary, it's good to know, that, frustrated inspiration, and reflective contemplation still exist. 

Oh Canadians, we have something here, lest you not carry out an injustice, and avail your ears and your Ford Focus speaker systems, to //AMISTAD//.