Released February 4, 2016

By Melanie Kangalee


Andrew Bird released his new single Capsized earlier this month with a live debut on an episode of Conan, where he displayed his musicianship with a passionate performance. Bird also released the official lyric video, crooning the studio version. Capsized is the first single off his highly anticipated new album, Are You Serious, dropping April 1, 2016. One dollar from every album sold will go towards ending gun violence.

Unlike his previous indie folk work, Capsized is a shift to a more classic rock groove. It opens with a heavy bass line, funky drumming and a warm tone. Bird's expert method is noticeable while he strums the violin like a guitar. This signature style captures his classical multi-instrumental training. The song features melodic electric guitar blended with gentle synthesizers.

Capsized maintains Bird's lyrical commentary on the human condition while adding more personal insight through his emotional vocals. Each line complements and opposes the others, displaying his mastery and biting explorations of life. Lines like "And when you wake up, another sunrise/Another break up, this ship has capsized" are clever and memorable.

When interviewed on NPR, Bird explained the forthcoming album as "the strongest melodies and the strongest ideas that occurred to me over a three to four year period, distilled." With bold, clean lyrics over its smooth sound, the melodic and provocative Capsized shows Bird's natural progression as an artist and makes for a great first single release.