Released March 17, 2015

By Larry Chen

AWOLNATION is one of the most unique bands of this century. They effortlessly combine their indie and rock sound with electronic music, a hard feat to master. Run is their third studio album following Megalith Symphony and Back From Earth, and the album is definitely one to watch out for.

The album starts out with its title track Run which demonstrates their sound and the first time I listened to it, I pretty much freaked out. It has everything that a perfect indie-rock/electronic record needs. It's hypnotic, haunting, and beautiful. The next track Fat Face is a complete juxtaposition to the first track.The combination of heavy synth and drum composition, plus the haunting vocals by band frontman Aaron Bruno, gives this slow downed song all the care it needs. Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) is another fast song with lots of hi-hats and kicks. It’s definitely a song to listen to for amping yourself up.

Jailbreak- the fourth track- is reminiscent of AWOLNATION’s break-out song Sail. It has a similar undertone which is easily enjoyed. KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!! Is a high-hype song with tons of energy. I am and Headrest For My Soul are stripped down and really show the group’s artistry with their interesting instrumentation. Dreamers showcases the band’s rock aspect at its finest. With its almost metal like vocals and heavy guitar, drums and bass, this song is awesome.

Windows seem like a folk song-esque track, with its vocals and frequent usage of vocals as its underlying instrumentation. Holy Roller, Woman Woman and Lie Love Live Love are once again, tracks that showcase AWOLNATION’s creativity and indie-rock musicality. Like People, Like Plastic strips down the band’s powerful instruments again and brings a focus on lyrics, “I never felt so alone in my life, I stand beside you” sings Aaron as the band’s ethereal like track paces on and on. Drinking Lightning is quite possibly the simplest song of the album but also the most memorable from Run. The five minute track manages to convey emotion through every single minute while it’s being played.

This album is worth a pre-order, it’s worth a play, and a re-play. AWOLNATION has really topped themselves this time.