Bad Hoo - Bare as a dog bone demos

Released April 20, 2016

By James Kendrick

Who doesn’t love the fun, West Coast vibe of surf rock—especially when it’s given a heavy-sounding twist? If you agree, then you’ll want to check out Bad Hoo, an energetic four-piece band from Victoria, B.C. So far they’ve only released two EPs, which they’ve chosen to call demos, but if their current releases are any indication of things to come, this is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Their Bare as a Dog Bone Demos consists of four songs, characterized by catchy guitar riffs that are as surfy as anything you could want, mixed with just the right amount of punk-esque grit.

The songs are mostly up-tempo, with witty lyrics, such as on Bitter Greens: “I eat the flesh of simple things / Like broccoli and kale.” Bad Hoo’s yelping vocals have a washed-out feel to them, doused with a bit of delay, adding to the overall impression of a surf sound. The vocals are absolutely the most fun thing about this band, but it’s really those guitar lines that are going to get in your head and stick there, especially in Bitter Greens and Good One, Scaroons! The latter is probably the most in-your-face track on the EP.

The final track, Dirty Bends, offers exactly what it says—Bad Hoo slows down the tempo for this chilled-out track and lays down another great guitar line full of bends that will twist your ears. Placing this song at the end finishes the track listing off nicely and gives the conclusion of the EP a satisfying feel after the frenetic impression of the first three songs.

Best track: Bitter Greens.