Bend Sinister - Animals

Released March 11, 2014

By Morgan Berna


It's hard for me to put into words the incredible album that is Animals. From the moment the electric-guitar built up on first track Best of You to the symphonic ending of final track It Will Never End I was impressed, and hooked. It's not often that a rock band hails the classic styles of Queen or Pink Floyd while maintaining the ability to create a sound that is still truly their own. Animals is a game changer for the rock scene, and other bands had better take note.

During the first couple tracks I was already grinning, unable to stop myself from thinking that so few bands sound like this anymore; this is so cool. In one track you'll go from hearing upbeat punk-rock one moment to a slow ballad the next, executed seamlessly. The pure composition involved in Animals’ tracks floored me. This album will certainly be enjoyable for audiences looking for a band that sounds like they are truly challenging themselves musically. Bend Sinister has proven that they are not a band to take the easy way out, they will find a way to take their songs above and beyond what's expected. Second track Fancy Pants is an upbeat, jazzy piece with catchy lyrics. Horns blast, fingers snap, and electric guitars wail. I Got Love eludes garage-band rock coupled with the gospel style chanting of the lyrics. Things slow down a bit with blues-rock Better Things to Do, easily a favourite track. This piece really showcases the vocals with it's ballad components. Like other tracks, Better Things to Do involves tempo changes and well constructed crescendos. The remainder of the album keeps to the same quality level, with some very intense punk-rock tracks like Teacher, one of the singles of the album. Final track It Will Never End finishes off the album on an intense symphonic note, again showcasing the instrumentality of the band and leaving listeners wanting more.

This is an album I would highly recommend listening to. It's punchy drum beats, incredible vocals, prominent bass and enjoyable range of tempos and instruments will keep listeners engaged the whole way through. Choosing just one track to call a favourite is nearly impossible with each one feeling like it could be a single. I, for one, can't wait to see how Bend Sinister plans to top Animals.