Noname - Telefone

By Melanie Kangalee

This is not your average coming of age hip hop album. It is incredibly intimate, honest, and melancholic. Yet it bumps. 

Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book

By Brendan Tuytel

From his first mixtape to his most recent, Coloring Book, Chance hasn’t been peddling or putting a price on anything, instead opting to promote a personality that feels so genuine you can’t help be drawn in by its amiable magnetism. For his third release, the followup to 2013’s incredible sophomore effort, Acid Rap, Chance puts himself forward in the same manner, but with enough variety and flair to keep it fresh.

Dylan Dunlap - Thoughts Become Things

By Morgan Berna

There is nothing better than an introduction track on an album. They set the tone, show attention to detail, and hint at the cohesive structure of the tracks. The Looking Glass does just this in Dylan Dunlap’s first LP, Thoughts Become Things. From the heavy, chain-like percussion to the smooth, instrumental crescendo, the tone is set and the listener is guided ...

Kurt Vile - b'lieve i'm goin down

By Joe Gibson

If Jerry Garcia had grown up listening to Lou Reed and 90's alt-rock, he may have sounded a little like Kurt Vile. That's not to say that Kurt shares any of Jerry's mind-bending technical prowess on the guitar (though he is perfectly adequate in the context of his songs), but they both put forward a lovable-lazy-hazy sound that evokes an age when artists could get by on vibes rather than chart success.

Deerhunter - Fading Frontier

By Larry Chen

In the style of this indie band that’s been alive for a decade, Fading Frontier is a feel good and laid back album. On first impression, the album almost gave me a ska type feeling- or something similar to the after school garage band with the neighbourhood kids.

Josh Ritter - Sermon On The Rocks

By Rose Morris

We at Geyser have been big fans of Josh Ritter for a long time. We’ve listened to all his albums, been to his concerts (the man puts on a hell of a live show), and proposed to him over Twitter (well okay, that was only me), but there’s always a kind of anxiety when a favourite artist puts out a new album – a fear that this new record won’t be any good and will ruin the previous ones for you. We’re happy to inform you that there’s no need for this kind of anxiety in regards to Ritter’s new album Sermon on the Rocks.


By Larry Chen

AWOLNATION is one of the most unique bands of this century. They effortlessly combine their indie and rock sound with electronic music, a hard feat to master. Run is their third studio album following Megalith Symphony and Back From Earth, and the album is definitely one to watch out for.

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

By Brendan Tuytel

To Pimp a Butterfly is not a rap album. Conceptually, it is robust, thought provoking, mildly disturbing, and extremely rewarding. It’s an introspective character study of self as Kendrick Lamar turns his narrative ability towards the internal conflict his success has yielded.


By Larry Chen

AWOLNATION is one of the most unique bands of this century. They effortlessly combine their indie and rock sound with electronic music, a hard feat to master. Run is their third studio album following Megalith Symphony and Back From Earth, and the album is definitely one to watch out for.

goste - Eugene EP

By Adam Briscoe

This is a fantastic third EP by goste that's perfect for someone looking to sit back and take in the world. Lovers of electronic music with fun textures with be enamored with goste.

Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2

By Chris Matei

We live in a sequel-obsessed culture. As a result, attempts to recapture the magic that made something great the first time around can turn beloved cultural touchstones into cheap, hollow cash cows. In light of this, it’s a telling note that El-P (New York’s Jamie Meline) and Killer Mike (Atlanta’s Michael Render) have christened their second album Run the Jewels 2. This is a sequel in the best way possible. It’s a Godfather Part II: a second act that takes a captivating story and refines it into something with grand depth.

Nate Paladino - Good Boy

By Morgan Berna

Nate Paladino’s latest, Good Boy, is a humorous, dichotomous album in the most magnificent way.

Tomás Doncker Band - Big Apple Blues

By Morgan Berna

Big Apple Blues is the collaborative work of legendary poet Yusek Komunyakaa and musician Tomás Doncker. With vocals, drums, horns, and strings this album brings listeners that classic blues sound in such a good way.

Perfume Genius - Too Bright

By Brendan Tuytel

Too Bright is Perfume Genius’s biggest success to date. Learning was a great album that was made better by a story, but Too Bright reaches a new level of musicianship. Yet at its core, it still has similar fundamentals. At no point did it feel too unfamiliar. What separates it is that it’s done in so many utterly better ways.


By Graham White

The EP has one foot on the pop platform and another on the electronica train, with a complexity to it that provides listeners with a great deal of danceable tunes that discard the notion that pop music should be simplistic and trite.

Paris DJs presents The Downtown Rulers Club EP - The Austin-Paris Connection

By Graham White

The stripped-down, vintage sound that is expressed in The Downtown Rulers Club EP is a must listen for soul, funk, and jazz music fans. If ever there was an EP that was far too short, it would be this

Passenger - Whispers

By Charlie Dims

Passenger's latest release Whispers proves that it’s sometimes the smaller things, the hushed tones of truth, that affect us the most. This great record easily grabs Best New International. 

Lyonn - Promenade EP

By Charlie Dims

With his smooth vocals, and romantic lyrics, Lyonn's latest EP Promenade is leaving us wanting more. Everyone has days when they just need an album that feels emotive, without feeling mushy, and Lyonn is perfecting his skill at creating music that is exactly this. How does Promenade compare to Lyonn's previously released EP Knivsta, released only months earlier? Charlie writes.

Johnnyswim - Diamonds

By Graham White

Los Angeles husband and wife duo, Johnnyswim, are known for their vocal prowess and exquisite musicality. Diamonds, the duo's first full-length album, is a shining example of this. The album is incredibly catchy, well plotted out, and enjoyable. As writer Graham White notes, "This is not an album I find I can take sitting down; It demands the listener to move, to dance!"

St. Vincent - S/T

By Morgan Berna

The third album by St. Vincent gives fans something a little different. The tracks are harder to digest, rugged, sometimes almost offensive to the ear in their unpredictability, and great. Will old fans appreciate the changes? Morgan investigates.

Gramatik - The Age of Reason

By Morgan Berna

The free release January 25 of The Age of Reason has us feeling all kinds of happy. Moving beyond a primarily hip-hop sound, The Age of Reason integrates sounds from a wide variety of genres keeping our ears interested all album long. We've got the review for you, and a link to your free download.