bitter’s kiss - S/T EP (feat. Chloe & Michael Baker)

Released March 31, 2015

By Graham White

Opening the self-titled EP with melancholic melodies that flow lucidly alongside dreamy vocals, Already Gone immediately establishes Chloe Baker’s addictive voice and talent for lyricism. For an Indie Pop lover, it is hard not to fall head over heels for this simple yet beautiful sound. Combining it with lyrics that strike listeners with their truthfulness and relatability, the track sets itself like concrete within their hearts and souls. Bitter’s Kiss follows with more echoing guitar that seems so closely related to post-rock ballads and a vocality that hits high notes with an airiness that feels fragile like porcelain. There is an ethereal feel to the track, as it picks up the listener and floats them high above the mountain tops. The track, while floating in the stratosphere, still manages to keep an extremely human feel, filling the listener with a realism that is embedded in the clouds. Love Won’t Make You Cry has a wonderful tone that is almost a mix between folk and jazz. Heavy echo and reverb keep the feeling of weightlessness going, which is made all the more apparent by Chloe’s superb vocality.

Lovin’ Life follows with a distinctly more electronic feel, reminding listeners of artists like Austra with its high pitched vocals and driving beat. While the backing sounds begin to feel rather kitsch, the vocality more than makes up for it. No One Will returns to the folksier sound with lyrics that clench the listener’s heart. With such happiness in its musicality, it seems fitting that the lyrics should contain more than their fair share of sadness. It is an interesting contrast that is definitely reliant on the listener’s mood. The Rope comes into the light with slowly picked guitar that has a deliberate and magnificent tone which flows wonderfully alongside the more than depressive lyrics. Dealing with the extremely dark theme of suicide alongside religion, it is beautifully performed, with sadness seeping into each vocal swirl and swelling guitar forming the slightest glimmer of hope.

Too Far Too Fast continues the EP with a distinctly more hopeful tone. Chloe’s lyrics and vocality paint a vivid picture in the listener’s mind. Slow and full of feeling, the track, like so much of the EP, grabs hold of the listener and never lets them go. Waste of It All, the final track on the EP, employs a strong beat that gives it stability and a jazzier tone. Trumpets offset Chloe’s vocals and have a tone that could only be linked to Beirut. Hearing the wonderful combination of horns and swelling vocals, my only wish is that it could have been used in more tracks! By far the most enjoyable sounds on the EP lie within this track, in the rhythm and in the creation of conducive melodies. Both Chloe’s vocals and lyrics shine when complimented so perfectly by trumpets and a strutting beat.

bitter’s kiss is an EP that showcases Chloe Baker’s vocality and clear ability to create human and emotional lyrics. While the majority of the tracks stick to a ballad tone, the EP doesn’t grow tiresome, it just leaves listener’s wanting something more (which is thankfully provided in the last track, Waste of It All). Definitely a singer/songwriter to keep your ears open to, we certainly expect great things to come from Chloe and Michael Baker.