Photo credit Derek Simpson

Photo credit Derek Simpson


April 9, 2016

By Morgan Berna

April 9th got a bit funkier as Camaro 67 released their debut CD at Studio Records on Granville St. The 10-piece instrumental groove-band debuted in 2015, creating afrobeat/groove music that’s best enjoyed live and loud.

Walking into the show we were immediately impressed by the energy in the room. It was packed full, and everybody was dancing (this does not happen often in Vancouver before 1am). The energy felt warm and welcoming, and you could tell this was music created with the enjoyment of the audience in mind.

An interesting part about Camaro 67’s music is that several members of the band compose songs, not just one main writer. The first track off their new album, Bitchin’ Camaro, composed by Baldwin, immediately had our hips swaying.

Things were rolling along nicely when Ndidi Cascade was introduced as the guest MC. This was awesome. She was featured on two songs, Funkariffic composed by Sars and Helicopter composed by Shook, and it blew things up. Cascade had amazing energy – to put it simply, she killed it.  

One of the best parts about this band is how obvious it is that they are having fun. From the fist pumping of instruments, regardless of size (note: baritone sax), to the power stances, we were feeling their energy. There were no limitations and nobody held back, it was contagious.

Overall, what a great show. Incredible solos, and overall fantastic musicians. If you get a chance to see these guys live in your area – go. This is exactly the style of music people are craving these days, and it was apparent how much everyone was enjoying having the chance to just dance and feel free. We look forward to the next show!

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