Austra - Future Politics

By Jasmine Proctor

Future Politics is an album infused with influences from the last three decades, and Austra’s seamless blend of all of these styles creates something truly unique in this modern electropop and techno soundscape. Incorporating the recent trend of synthetic beats with older styles of indie, gothic, and new age music, this third album from the group is a refreshing lemon drop in the Canadian music sphere.  

Twin Rains - Automatic Hand

By Chloe Sjuberg

My first happy music discovery of 2017 is a compact little gem — or maybe a chunk of moon rock. The word that best describes the tone of this chill dream pop album is "celestial."

Dragonette - Royal Blues

By Kendra Cooper

It’s the phoenix rising out of the ashes of their romantic relationship. It gives us all hope for what can come after its over. It’s not without life and there will be no dead dancefloors with this album. Welcome to the rebirth.

Bad Hoo - Bare as a Dog Bone Demos

By James Kendrick

Who doesn’t love the fun, West Coast vibe of surf rock—especially when it’s given a heavy-sounding twist? Bad Hoo's songs are characterized by catchy guitar riffs that are as surfy as anything you could want, mixed with just the right amount of punk-esque grit.

//AMISTAD// - Talk Peace to a Wolf EP

By Desiré Amouzou aka CLiCKCRiTiC

It does not matter who we are, at least in my humble opinion, we don't like a musical group or musician ever for only one thing, there's a package that attracts us.

Joel Strauss - Songs for the Vaudeville Theatre

By Eric Lusk

I'm a sucker for unique voices, so when I heard Joel Strauss' latest album I was immediately hooked. The whole EP is fantastic to listen to from beginning to end, and I'm still finding hidden gems among the layers of sound in this piece of music.

Connor Roff - Chasing Dreams EP

By Morgan Berna

Connor Roff, a British-born former Vancouverite, is a smooth-voiced folk-pop musician who isn’t afraid of playing with tempos, volume and harmony. Listening to his recent four-song EP release, Chasing Dreams, you get a taste of various styles Roff could explore successfully in the future.

Radio Radio - Light In The Sky

By Fiona Roome

Light the Sky is Montreal-based Radio Radio’s most recent album. This Acadian duo’s latest creation was released on February 19th, 2016 through Bonsound. It’s an all-around upbeat hip-hop/electronic extravaganza.

Roger Roger - Fairweather

By Chloe Sjuberg

Just as Winnipeg twins Madeleine and Lucas Roger’s stage name reflects their sibling status, the radio communication phrase “roger, roger” also alludes to the clear understanding between the two. This is apparent on their debut album Fairweather in their confident harmonies and the way they alternate lead vocals between tracks (a cool, if obviously deliberate, conceit).

The Small Glories - Wondrous Traveler

By Eric Lusk

The Small Glories are yet another example of Winnipeg’s seemingly industrial ability to churn out quality music. Making use of only banjo and guitar as the lead instruments, the folk/Americana duo delivers a magnetic performance with the help of their dynamic vocals.

Rococode - Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon

By Blair Hansen

After four years in the making, Vancouver duo Rococode release Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon. Paying homage to Thom Yorke’s words of encouragement, the album’s title aims to blanket the songs under a feeling of contentment within mysterious nothingness.

Rae Spoon - Armour

By Rose Morris

Critically-acclaimed electro-folk artist Rae Spoon’s much anticipated eighth solo album, Armour, was released on February 19th into the eagerly awaiting hands of their already large and loyal fan base. Although it is definitely a departure from Spoon’s last album, My Prairie HomeArmour is strong from start to finish and has the same polished vocal stylings and killer lyrics that we’ve come to expect from them. 

Jim Bryson - Somewhere We Will Find Our Place

By Eric Lusk

The musical capability of Ontario native Jim Bryson is expansive. The singer-songwriter has released four critically-acclaimed solo albums in addition to recording collaborative works with Winnipeg-based The Weakerthans, and his sixth and latest album, Somewhere We Will Find Our Place, is sure to lay the foundation for his continued musical success in the coming years.

She-Devils - S/T EP

By Fiona Roome

If you’re craving a psychedelic throwback to ‘60s pop rock, She-Devils' self-titled EP is your answer. With their airy, dreamlike vocals and basic-yet-catchy hooks, this debut album has its niche carved out.

The Wild Romantics - She Could Tell EP

By Larry Chen

Get ready for some grungy indie folk pop in this new EP by the Wild Romantics, She Could Tell. Evan Miller and Aleisha Kalina are the two part of this powerful indie group. Their music brings up a Mumford and Sons feel to it with interesting melodic and harmonic choices between the two.

Caveboy - S/T EP

By Larry Chen

Memories of summer are drawn to mind while listening to Caveboy’s new self-titled EP. Is it the fact that summer is gone and we are now completely into fall, or is it the fact that their music is something that just draws you in? Whatever it is, this Montreal all girl trio pulls you in with hypnotic beats and electric guitar passages.

Derrival - Departure & Arrival

By Larry Chen

Derrival is a Vancouver-based Indie-rock group. They are a hard-hitting yet lyrical group whose melodies are easy to follow and very easy to listen to.  Derrival’s sound on their new EP Departure & Arrival is easy going and bright, yet something that would be the perfect soundtrack for a sun-kissed day at the beach.

The Canadian Shield - Labour Unions for the Part Time Lovers

By Fiona Roome

The second release from the Ontario duo, The Canadian Shield, has a consistent, big sound for the size of the group, and has an anthemic feel of the belt-it-out variety.

FRANKIE - Girl of Infinity 

By Joel Strauss

The all-female indie dream-pop group from Vancouver shows significant potential with their debut EP, Girl of Infinity, showcasing gorgeous vocals and ethereal, velvety overtones. 

Ghoul Ricki - Mathematical Proof of Love

By Rose Morris

Edmonton-based artist Ghoul Ricki’s seven track digital album, Mathematical Proof of Love, is a little folk, a little punk, definitely a little weird, and a whole lot of fun.

Jocelyne Baribeau - Entre Toi et Moi

By Graham White

Jocelyne Baribeau’s latest release, “Entre Toi et Moi”, is packed with bright and powerful vocality atop a solid foundation of slide guitar licks. A work that can be appreciated by anyone with a penchant for soft-spoken ballads and upbeat line-dances.

Hawk and Steel - Anywhere But Here

By Graham White

Have you been craning your ears, waiting for an alt-country album filled with bright guitar and strong, danceable beats? Hawk and Steel’s latest album, ‘Anywhere But Here’, delivers all this and more.

Affinitry - The Colour Of Change

By Rose Morris

The whole thing feels incredibly polished and professional, while still maintaining a raw, intimate, garage-band quality. The Colour of Change is the perfect thing to listen to when you want something pretty with a hard rock edge.

Greg Drummond - Drive

By Graham White

Rhythmic and surprisingly distinguishable for the indie-folk genre, Drive takes listeners up melodic mountains and down soulful streams, playing their heartstrings like a violin.


By Fiona Roome

SIMCOE's debut EP has summer seeping out of its pores. With its ghostly vocals, its ambient quality, and upbeat yet whimsical rhythm, this is the perfect trio of songs to plug into your portable speakers at the lake!

Les Tetes Ailleurs - Comme Si Le Soleil Brillait Pour Tout L'Monde

By Rose Morris

Les Tetes Ailleurs live up to their self-proclaimed label of “francofun” with this album. It is very easy to appreciate, even on the first listen. These guys are definitely worth your time!

Subtextures - Interchill Records

By Joel Strauss

This is a wonderful album to keep your mind in gear, for reading or studying, or for chilling out and relaxing. Highly recommended for ambient and House music fans.

Robert Robert - Not Self-Titled EP

By Fiona Roome

This is the kind of EP you can enjoy whether you're home alone drying dishes or out for a rollicking night on the town. Absolutely worth a listen. Robert Robert shows amazing potential for his young age.

Melanie Brulée - Débridée

By Joel Strauss

Melanie Brulée is a French Canadian solo-artist living in Toronto, Ontario. Her album Débridee is a major accomplishment in indie-pop sensibility, ambiance, and intricate guitar-work.

River of Kings - The Sway EP

By Larry Chen

Jordan Irwin, otherwise known as River of Kings, has released his second EP, The Sway, and it is most definitely a melodramatic mash of indie and alternative music.

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith - Club Meds

By Katye Chase

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith nail it with their fourth full-length release. 

Consilience - Walking Through A Dead Night EP

By Rose Morris

Let’s talk about synth-pop for a minute. It’s cheesy. It’s Spandau Ballet and Flock of Seagulls. At best, it’s a guilty pleasure. But, magically, Edmonton-based indie dream-pop band Consilience has managed to create a synth-pop EP that doesn’t feel at all tacky.

Carousel Scene - Last Known Surroundings

By Larry Chen

Carousel Scene is an alternative rock band with a very chill vibe. Their music - especially Last Known Surroundings - is very festival-like with a tinge of old-school Fleetwood Mac. Ashley Weis is the band’s lead singer and with a very interesting and unique voice, she brings the band to another level.

No Island - Better Days

By Graham White

No Island’s April 21st 2015 release, Better Days, looks to the future, while having distinct roots in the past. 

The Bandicoots - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things EP

By Rose Morris

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Bandicoots debut EP, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, since I reviewed the first single, and the rest of the EP does not disappoint (except that there are only four songs and I want more). 

The Arkells - High Noon

By Rowan Greger

The Arkells’ are a five-piece rock’n’roll band from Hamilton, Ontario. Named after the street on which they grew up on and practiced their music, the road is very much a part of their music, through both their lyrics and the way their music constantly moves forward.

Winsome Kind - S/T

By Karina Sims

Winsome Kind`s self-titled debut album, Winsome Kind begins with Better Days. This is an glorious meeting of grass roots and what can only be described as upbeat piano and string rock. Members, Scott Perrie and Leora Joy are an Indie Folk/Folk pop group from Vancouver BC.

Well Mannered Thieves - Divide the Light EP

By Dwayne Morgan

Hearing the lo-fi intro of the opening track, Wink Wink Smile, you know what's coming next: The big boom of the full production. It's going to kick in, and it's going to be big.

The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

By Alex Southey

The New Pornographers knew to end their album with a bang instead of a whimper, leaving a good impression rather than something tired.

Special Treats - Duncy Said

By Charlie Dims

When listening to Special Treats’ debut EP, two things immediately come to mind: first, the vocals sound remarkably like a younger Lou Reed; and, secondly, despite the first observation, Special Treats holds their own.

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