Ryan Gazzola - Silently Screaming EP

By Larry Chen

Vancouver based singer-songwriter, Ryan Gazzola, brings us his debut EP, Silently Screaming. It is a guitar-driven, romantic EP with influences of folk and indie-pop. Gazzola's soft, clear vocals, have moments of vibrato and slightly raspy textures. His vocal tone is soothing, easy to relax to, and perfect for this style of music. 

The Velveteins - A Hot Second With The Velveteins

By Adam Briscoe

With cool acoustic radio effects, and shimmering guitar lines comes the introduction to the latest EP from The Velveteins, A Hot Second With The Velveteins. This band, out of Kelowna, has impressed us before with their unique combination of surf/indie rock, and catchy tracks. 

The Dead Yetis - Gallon's Corner EP

By Rose Morris

It’s sort of like if The Cure and Cold War Kids had a love child and took it to a lot of Pixies concerts at a young age.

Jennifer Hershman - Never Ever Wanna

By Adam Briscoe

From reckless love, to pinball machines and Dairy Queen, what more could you ask for in an opening track? Keep Each Other Alive has all this, complete with sweet memories of the past being draped over clean acoustics and adorable hand claps.

Complimentary Shadows - Moon The Elevator

By Adam Briscoe

If you add a pinch of time travel and a dash of space energy, you get the galactic musical child of Complimentary Shadows, Moon The Elevator. A beautiful, thought provoking instrumental album by Lucas Mercer and Cameron Catalano.

Noah Derksen - Man That I Am

By Larry Chen

Man That I Am is a solid and strong indie-folk album that can be listened to again, and again, without its sound growing tired. This is the perfect album for fans of Jack Johnson.

The Written Years - S/T

By Katye Chase

The Written Yearsself-titled album is just shy of hitting the one year anniversary mark of its release date. January 28, 2014 delivered us The Written Years' self proclaimed Winter Music album that openly rehashes themes of homesickness, nostalgia, and a deep longing for the past.

Michael Averill - I'd Rather Walk

By Dwayne Morgan

The crispy acoustic guitar of Golden Breeze grabs attention right away. The harmonies are great, but there is a bit of unpleasant distortion in the vocals, like they’re coming in too hot somewhere in the vocal chain or in the master buss. Regardless, Golden Breeze is sure to grab the attention of a variety of audiences.

You Are An Explorer - S/T

By Charlie Dims

As anyone who has tried to create it knows, instrumental music is a tricky thing. In many ways, it’s very much a naked form of musical expression. There are no cute lead singers or inventive lyrics to hide behind. Every emotion that is trying to be achieved by the band must be made through the instrumentation alone. Failure to really make anything interesting usually results in music being played in shopping malls and company hold lines. The other option is, of course, great music. Luckily, You Are An Explorer went with the second option.

The Weather Station - What Am I Going to Do With Everything I Know

By Charlie Dims

Using great subtlety and intimacy, The Weather Station’s What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know makes you feel as though you couldn’t get any closer than if you were experiencing every beautiful and bewildering moment firsthand.

North Atlantic Explorers - My Father Was a Sailor

By Charlie Dims

Back in the day, an album was not just a collection of an artist’s most recently completed songs, but instead was an art piece in itself. It was a statement, a full story, with every song adding something vital to the telling of that story. Continuing this tradition is My Father Was a Sailor, the new LP from North Atlantic Explorers. Inspired by drummer and band leader Glenn D’ Cruze’s father, the album tells the true story of a man’s adventures as he navigates the sea with the British Merchant Navy.

James Hill - The Old Silo

By Charlie Dims

For So Long, the final track, starts with the great line “hope can lead us/and deceive us.” And, in many ways, this could be considered a major take away from The Old Silo. It’s an album about all of the difficulties and confusions and moments of wonder that come from trying to find someone we wish to share our life with.

Fancy Goose - Build a Forest EP

By Chris Matei

Fancy Goose is a Port Coquitlam based musician. The latest EP is an instrumental electronica piece, that is self-proclaimed to evoke “fine feels (Source).” These “feels” take the listener back to a simpler time, one possibly spent guiding polygonal avatars through mysterious caves in search of hidden treasure.

JJ and The Pillars - Wolves

By Lane Levesque

JJ and The Pillars are quickly rising in popularity across Canada. You might know them for their upbeat, folk single The Wolves.

Joel Strauss - Don't Lose That Feeling

By Charlie Dims

Listen to any Joel Strauss song and the first thing you’ll notice is his voice. It’s impossible to miss. It’s a distinctive, nasally drawl that has the earnest feel of a street singer. It cuts past any overrated concepts of glamour and instead tells the truth.

Coldwater Road - The Woods

By Adam Briscoe

Between the cute lyrics, amazing string solos, and relatable themes, we can't decide what we love most about Coldwater Road's latest, The Woods.

Max Marshall - Back Through the Meadows EP

By Adam Briscoe

Say good morning to Max Marshall with his latest release, Back Through the Meadows EP, sweeping into your day like a sunrise.

Sunparlour Players - The Living Proof

By Karina Sims

Sunparlour Players The Living Proof pops through the speakers with the same energetic prowess that can only transpire when I drop the needle down onto a favorite vinyl record.

Royal Wood - The Burning Bright

By Charlie Dims

“I’d say this is the bravest I’ve ever been,” says Royal Wood when talking about his newest album The Burning Bright (Source). While Wood has always been brave in his quest for continual artistic and stylistic evolution, whether through creating albums with a full pop flavor or a full orchestrated sound, his latest The Burning Bright takes him into new territory as a songwriter.

Marry Me - S/T

By Graham White

Marry Me contains a unique sound that is full of fast-paced, raging guitar licks and a vocal tone that spits at the heavily manufactured pop-star voice. With the tightest of tightness, Marry Me gives rock and roll a new lease on life, giving head-bangers everywhere a reason to develop neck problems.

The Wax Girl - Anosmic EP

By Graham White

With the August 8th release of Toronto band The Wax Girl’s latest EP, Anosmic, they have given the listening world an EP worth its weight in salt. Ambient, evolving and unique, Anosmic creates a meditative and other-worldly state of mind with a powerfully grounding rhythm. Post-rock listeners, rejoice!

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