in contra. - Little Church

By Larry Chen

In contra.’s bandcamp page describes them as “experimental alternative indie instrumental post rock” which is by far the most accurate genre explanation I’ve seen in a fair amount of time.

Healing With Magnets - S/T

By Charlie Dims

Nelson, BC band Healing With Magnets has released a self-titled post-rock style album that soothes, entertains, and takes the listener on a journey.

History of the Highways -S/T

By Rose Morris

History of the Highways’ cotton-candy sweet vocals have an edgy indie-kid vibe with a rich, classic maturity (think Sleigh Bells meets Stevie Nicks) and a haunting quality that finds its way into your head and curls up there for days on end.

Boat Haus - Few Too Many Moons

By Alex Southey

Newfoundland and Labrador’s own Boat Haus puts out an impressive, dancing debut. Their running bass-lines and upbeat guitar leads make Few Too Many Moons an enjoyable, easy listen.

The WAYO - Wanderings EP

By Charlie Dims

Halifax's The WAYO has released their third piece, Wanderings EP, a self-declared "smooth-ass R&B" EP that has us feeling all kinds of good.

em&lou - westfacing

By Charlie Dims

There’s something interesting about the Montreal-based duo em&lou. Describing themselves as two music-loving friends, they have just released their first four-song EP westfacing. The EP has a certain home-made quality to it which adds not only to its charm, but to the overall vintage-folk feel of their music.

Rosewood's Diary - Unforsaken Melodies

By Adam Briscoe

It starts off just as the name intends, a Sweet Melody. With guitars strumming, snare rocking, and harmonicas blazing Rosewood's Diary has created an EP that captures the heart of Canadiana folk in the best possible way.

Joyce Island - S/T EP

By Alex Southey

Underneath the churning radio-rock comes the rough, sweet voice of Lisa Joyce. The music, with its mix of blues, traditional rock, and pop, ends up tying together as something harsher and more exciting. Backed by a truly incredible band, Joyce Island is one to watch out for.

José Contreras -  S/T

By Charlie Dims

For fans of José Contreras, or By Divine Right, the indie rock band which Contreras co-founded, hearing that Jose has a new solo album full of stripped back, slow, and intimate love songs might come as a surprise. Read on to find out how fans might handle such a drastic shift in focus.

Frankie McQueen - Nightride EP

By Alex Southey

Calgary band, Frankie McQueen, blends straight-ahead rock, ballad, and heavy riffs to create a rock album that is anything but lackluster. Unifying themes on the EP include amazing vocal recording quality, and solos that range from being blazing hot to subtle and intricate.

The Ruffled Feathers - Bottom of the Blue EP

By Adam Briscoe

Bottom of the Blue EP is a 4-song collection of beautiful melodies that will carry you sweetly along. The use of horns, beautiful vocal lines, and diversity amongst tracks has our ears interested.

Rosie June - Listening Post

By Jessica Rinfret

Rosie June, a Vancouver native, is re-releasing her 9-track album Listening Post after a previous release in 2013, and it’s something to be excited about—this album should garner attention, and a re-release might do just that. The album is a cohesive, yet offbeat combination of sweet, whimsical vocals, steady beats, and some perfectly integrated synth.

Vogue Dots - Toska

By Graham White

For the effervescent dreamer, Toska combines a smooth surrealism with a lingering luminosity. There would be no better soundtrack for a lucid dream, as Toska  completely dives into the ethereal with each rolling track.

Spanish Gold - South of Nowhere

By Charlie Dims

Canada's most recent super-group, Spanish Gold, has come out with an album that is anything but predictable. As Charlie explores, this band is full of surprises and their music will keep you guessing.

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