Japandroids - Near to the Wild Heart of Life

By Larissa Blokhuis

Although they do subtly use the infamous "millennial whoop" in their chorus, the encouragement of the lyrical content, the energetic delivery, and the cohesive sound are all indicators of why Japandroids fans are willing to wait a little longer than usual for a new release. 

PREMIERE: //AMISTAD// - Darkerside

By Morgan Berna

Based in Vernon, BC, //AMISTAD// is one of the most unique band's to come out of Okanagan recently. Their live performance is impressive not only for the insane musicianship these guys have, but for the theatrical quality to their performance that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end (well, if you're still sitting). And people are noticing. They were recently selected as one of only ten bands selected to showcase their songs at the Whistler Film Festival.

Hollow Twin - Bound By Blood

By Kendra Cooper

Rebecca Wosk and Emmalee Watts (vocals, guitar) have shared their love of retro vibes making this the song to time travel with. It is almost as if you could hear the melody bouncing off the ancient rock walls of tall mountains.

French Press - Plato's Cave

By Jasmine Proctor

As we mourn the loss of summer, there’s always that one track that arrives on the scene to make up for the loss of sunshine and let us reminisce on the days gone by.

The Alpacas - Wax

By Larissa Blokhuis

The nostalgic elements and personal lyrics lend this song an intimate feel, exactly what you would want to listen to in a small venue with close friends.

Jessie Reyez - Figures

By Larry Chen

Raw emotion and heartbreak are things every artist wishes to be able to capture in the height of their craft. With a soul-shattering voice, Jessie Reyez drums up images of an angst-filled day after a breakup in her new single Figures.

Selina Martin - My Heart Ticks On

By Rose Morris

My Heart Ticks On, from Selina Martin’s new album I’ve been Picking Caruso’s Brain; I Think I Have the Information We Need to Make a New World is pretty much impossible to categorize. It has obvious elements of prog-rock, pop, and punk, but really all you have to know is that it’s cool as hell and you need to go and listen to it right now.

Seaborne - Night Waves

By Desiré Amouzou

In a world where musical arrangements and sound samples have become very predictable, almost shrink-wrapped and packaged to perfection, it's nice to find the odd paper bag filled with goodness.

Andrew Bird - Capsized

By Melanie Kangalee

Andrew Bird released his new single Capsized earlier this month with a live debut on an episode of Conan, where he displayed his musicianship with a passionate performance. Bird also released the official lyric video, crooning the studio version. Capsized is the first single off his highly anticipated new album, Are You Serious, dropping April 1, 2016. One dollar from every album sold will go towards ending gun violence.

The Bandicoots - Overnight Innovator

By Rose Morris

Overnight Innovator, the first single from The Bandicoots’ upcoming sophomore EP Quarters at the Penny-Arcade, delivers the irresistibly punchy, Brit-pop-inspired sound that we’ve come to expect from the band. 

Bear Mountain - Badu

By Larry Chen

An organic, natural sounding piece that brings a much needed ambience to this very busy world. 

Bear Mountain - Hopeful

By Rose Morris

Although Bear Mountain are mostly lauded for their live shows, which incorporate a lot of visual elements in addition to music, their new single Hopeful serves as a welcome reminder that they can hold their own on the radio too.

The Strumbellas - Spirits

By Rose Morris

Ontario-based band The Strumbellas have just dropped the newest single from their upcoming album, and if this new song is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, we can expect a rollicking folk-rock good time ahead.

Windmills - Face to A Name

By Morgan Berna

Maybe it's the mad loop pedal skills, or maybe it's the smooth dynamic vocals. Either way, we're loving Windmills. 

Rah Rah - Chip Off The Heart

By Joel Strauss

An intricately formed indie-dance track from the power pop band Rah Rah, from their soon to be released album, Vessels.

Caveboy - In The Grottos

By Kayte Chase

A dreamy introduction immediately plunges listeners into a time warp, and as the tempo picks up through In the Grottos, the lyrics lure listeners through the past, present, and future. 

The Zolas - Molotov Girls

By Rose Morris

There are so many things to like about The Zolas new single, Molotov Girls, from feminist activism and dealing with real-world issues in a way that is entirely radio friendly.

Yukon Blonde - Saturday Night

By Rose Morris

Yukon Blonde’s single Saturday Night from their upcoming album comes in strong with poppy synth that immediately sends the listener into a tailspin of ‘80’s  New Wave nostalgia.

Hawk And Steel - David And Katie

By Larry Chen

David And Katie, the latest single from Victoria folk and alt-country band Hawk and Steel, has a familiar upbeat bluegrass and country sound to it, coupled with sombre lyrics. The song comes from their upcoming album, Anywhere But Here

Le Markhor - Easy Doesn't

By Katye Chase

There is no denying that the undaunting lyrics in Easy Doesn’t are strung together in a way that listeners couldn’t turn a deaf ear to it. The imagery immediately presents itself, making this the perfect song to be scored in a black and white remake of a country film where the daily grind is vivid.

The Unravelling - Revolt

By Morgan Berna

With building background instrumentation and quick drum beats, this song is as eerie as it is beautiful.

Purity Ring - bodyache

By Christopher Matei

The song is more of a wide-open electro-pop construct than almost anything Megan James and Corrin Roddick have released before.

Wild Son - Build The Future

By Morgan Berna

The song starts with a classic rock guitar riff, which is nothing particularly fancy. It might grab your attention, but you're likely just expecting another average rock song. Then, 19 seconds in, bursts forth the most rocking violin I’ve ever heard. It takes you off-guard, and instantly gets you moving.

She Dreams In Colour - Chemical Kids

By Adam Briscoe

Introducing She Dreams In Colour, the all girl alternative punk rock band flying out of Surrey, British Columbia, bringing us a brand new single, Chemical Kids.

The Bandicoots - Just After Dark

By Rose Morris

An alt-rock track with well-crafted lyrics.

Cat Thomson - Lies

By Adam Briscoe

A powerful pop track about bullying and embracing your body.