Cancer Bats

December 18, 2015 - Hard Luck Bar Toronto

By Connor Young

Toronto’s Hard Luck Bar filled with rabid fans right as the local band, Cancer Bats, hit the stage. As the band launched into an adrenalin fuelled set, the floor erupted into a mosh pit. The crowd went wild as lead singer Liam Cornier yelled over the powerful punch of the rest of the band. This was their second night in a row at the Hard Luck Bar, but they showed no signs of wear.

The audience was pummelled track after track and the mosh was non-stop. Most of the set was dedicated to their most recent album, Searching For Zero. The new songs meshed perfectly with old and had incredible energy. The highlight, from Searching For Zero, was their show closer and album opener Satellite, which had the whole audience chanting along. Along with the new songs were some deep cuts which hadn’t been played in years. The overall highlight of the show was the one two punch of Lucifers Rocking Chair, and their pulse pounding cover of The Beastie Boys' Sabotage. If you are a fan of hardcore punk or you just want to experience a wild mosh pit, don't let yourself miss the Cancer Bats - they set out on a European tour in January (full schedule available here).