Released March 27, 2015

By Larry Chen 

Carousel Scene is an alternative rock band with a very chill vibe. Their music - especially Last Known Surroundings - is very festival-like with a tinge of old-school Fleetwood Mac. Ashley Weis is the band’s lead singer and with a very interesting and unique voice, she brings the band to another level. Weis’ perfectly timed vocal breaks are what stole this record for me.

Instrumentation on this EP is very minimal and definitely leans to the more indie side of the alternative rock spectrum, think a toned down version of Pearl Jam. With the break-out of electric guitar on pretty much all of their songs, Carousel Scene makes their splash with their fader and other effects within these songs. Take Jekyll And Hyde for an example; its buoyant guitar gives the song a whole different feel. Its crazy frantic rock feel is numbed slightly because of the subdued guitar; up until the solo when the band’s guitar players (Weis and Khalvin Canhe) really let loose. 

Carousel Scene’s grunge feeling rears its head in pretty much all of the songs within this EP which is a testament to the band as well as Weis whose vocals give the grunge a little more complexity. If one were to pick a song purely based upon the label indie-alt-rock Shangri-La would be on the top of the list.

Shangri-La really showcases the band’s ingenuity and songwriting. With some perplexing and thoughtful lyrics, this song off the EP is a stand-out. It’s a little more upbeat than the other songs on the EP and is one of the most interesting. Weis does a great job on this song as her voice elevates it. Shangri-La feels like something one would hear at a festival as big as Coachella or something as small as an underground club.

Carousel Scene’s EP Last Known Surroundings is a fantastic debut, and we hope for more releases in the near future.