Cat Thomson - Lies

Released October 22, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Having just released her debut EP Puzzle, Cat Thomson is back with a hard-hitting single Lies as part of the See Through the Lies Campaign. This brand new song is a powerful pop hit dealing with themes of bullying, peer pressure, and insecurity, to help people (young women in particular) embrace their confidence and strength. The song edges on being a hypnotic 90’s dance beat that you can get lost in. A powerful message, Thomson has spoken publicly about her passion for helping young women learn to love themselves and their bodies.

The song couldn’t come at a better time with the news constantly shouting stories of young people being bullied and the drastic effects it has had on some lives. Thomson is determined to make a change, and this campaign is the first step. To check out more info on Lies please visit and if you would like to keep up with Cat and find you where you can see her next check out her website at