Released May 1, 2015

By Kayte Chase

dreamy introduction immediately plunges listeners into a time warp, and as the tempo picks up through In the Grottos, the lyrics lure listeners through the past, present, and future. Montreal’s trio, Caveboy, invites listeners to a wistful place with their latest single, as their vocals echo and croon about sentiments that have now been said and done.

A plethora of emotions are explored; between euphoria, adventure and hope, the ghosts of the past allow Caveboy the confidence to look ahead, despite old feelings that are a struggle to leave behind. An introspective mindset automatically presents an awareness of the fact that insight can be gained from the past and for the future. Lyrics explaining that there is room to move on in “the dark unknown” show strength and demonstrate that In the Grottos is a song that could be an anthem for hope and a release from a phantom past.

The anticipation of what has yet to come while “going through time head-first” advances the setting, making the past appear ghostly. The song’s end hesitates for a split-second, almost as if to recall the past one more time, in spite of the yearning instincts to keep it moving. As time moves on so does the song’s tempo, and the ladies of Caveboy do not allow themselves to ruminate any longer as the track concludes.