Released October 9, 2015

By Larry Chen

Memories of summer are drawn to mind while listening to Caveboy’s new self-titled EP. Is it the fact that summer is gone and we are now completely into fall, or is it the fact that their music is something that just draws you in? Whatever it is, this Montreal all girl trio pulls you in with hypnotic beats and electric guitar passages.

Lead singer, Michelle Bensimon, conjures up similar vocal timbre as that of Paramore's Hayley Williams. Supporting her are Isabelle Banos and Lana Cooney. With heavy bass tracks and lively guitar rhythms, Caveboy seems to be venturing out of their indie-pop container and towards a more experimental sound.

Imagine a stereotypical movie montage with the two teenage girls jumping on their bed fake screaming the lyrics of a heavy rock song into a hair-brush. This is the song that was probably playing in that scene. With its fast, upbeat pace; Something Like Summer is definitely something like summer. It’s got some really good drum passages that are almost dream like- almost like a sepia filter.

Standouts from the EP are Love Song and Muscle Memory with lyrics that are penned very well.Talking about past loves and that feeling of summer, this whole entire album is based on an emotion- which is apparent from their instrumentation. Caveboy does a good job of using the experimental/indie-pop vocals of Bensimon and mashing them up with interesting tracks.

A solid album for road-trips through the backcountry or just for any plain ride where you feel like jamming out to a fully female fledged group.