Released September 4, 2015

By Larry Chen

Charlie Dims used to be a writer here at Geyser Music and has now released his own album on bandcamp. Dreams is a stripped down and acoustic album with a heavy yet easy-listening tone to all the songs. Charlie’s voice is smooth but also slightly raspy, it definitely has a timbre that is fitted to the indie/alternative genre. Dreams could be compared to an album by French artist Coeur de Pirate- predominantly piano based with free-running melodies overtop.

In his description Charlie listed this album as “music for those lonely Saturday nights,” a very accurate way of describing it. Almost like a soundtrack to a sad movie, his low almost whispery voice sends listeners into a dreamlike atmosphere. Incredibly mixed, standouts from the album include its title track as well as Ocean Floor and Afraid To Love.

Poetically rich and very visually written, this album is like food for the mind mixed into a brooding piano track. Charlie’s writing prowess shows in lyrics like “you were a creature of the sea crawling through the desert, dying.” Written with lyrics that fit for each song’s backing track but also so that each track moves seamlessly into the next, steepening the tumbling hill of music.

Almost as if it were designed for a late walk at night by yourself, Charlie Dims’ new album is a diamond in the rough. Working with his voice, each track follows each other perfectly, but also work as individual units. Definitely an album worth checking out for those days when you just feel like staying in.