Chris Isaak - First Comes the Night

Released October 23, 2015

By Joe Gibson

Chris Isaak has been around for a long time. When I was 13, I used to watch the Chris Isaak show on Showcase every Friday night in my room, and he seemed old then. I don't know if Mr. Isaak has ever been considered “mainstream-cool”, but he's damn well “cult-cool”, and he's done a fine job of carving out a distinct niche in the music industry for the last 25+ years. His newest release, First Comes The Night, is vibrant and defiantly old school. Come to Mr. Isaak's romantic, moon-lit world, and you are sure to reach some sort of rock-a-billy nirvana.

Listening to his newest release makes you want to grease your hair back, hop on a motorcycle and burn it down to a diner for a cup of coffee “blacker than midnight on a moonless night”, and a slice of apple pie. Okay, maybe I've been watching too much Twin Peaks (After all, Isaak played an FBI agent in Lynch's extremely bizarre Twin Peaks film, Fire Walk With Me, so the comparison isn't far off).

On First Comes The Night, Isaak is as energetic as ever. In fact, Isaak and his writing partners are such fine tune-smiths that his lyrics have an effortless efficiency. They are bound to mean many things to the people who take the time to get to know the album. Otherwise, there's not really that much to say about this album. Just enjoy it for what it is, an old school Rock'n'Roll record. It will make you smile, it will make you dance, fast and slow, and it exists in some time that surely can't be late 2015. Maybe that's a good thing.

Consider this a good reason to revisit Isaak's consistent output, his many fine albums, his “edgy-for-the-times” television show, and his many appearances in great films. He's an entertainer to cherish.