Chromeo - White Women

Released May 12, 2014

By Jessica Rinfret

Chromeo’s latest album, White Women, is every bit the dance record it aspires to be. The Montreal duo’s newest offering is a collection of upbeat, funky tunes making it impossible to stay still and refrain from dancing while listening. While the record, as does Chromeo’s sound, sticks to a heavy retro-electronic feel, the lyrics on the album stay current and relatable, and largely lack the cheese factor that can distance some current listeners from traditional 80s pop music. This is a very fun album, and there is something for everyone, and just enough variety to keep the audience guessing.

Tracks like Jealous have a more modern sound and move away from being the retro vibe, while still managing to incorporate elements that are Chromeo’s signature. These tracks make the record more accessible across a wider range of people, and more appealing to those who aren’t quite as smitten with the 80s dance feel.

The song Lost on the Way Home features the best of the 80s sound that Chromeo has to offer, with a slightly emotional side. The vocals of Solange, featured on the track, add an electrifying new dimension and emotion to the duo’s sound, and she stands out while simultaneously blending perfectly with Chromeo’s groovy vibe. Fall Back 2U, on the other hand, is 70s disco in the best possible way, and is just different enough to switch it up and keep listeners guessing. Another favourite is Frequent Flyer, which is absolutely funky. It is perfectly quirky, and will be a dance favourite. In my opinion, it will also lend itself well to some great mixes. Play the Fool incorporates a breezy melody, which interacts well with the heavier electronic beats featured on the track, making a noticeable and interesting contrast that really works. The result of these is a diverse, interesting record.

Though repetitive, as are most songs of this genre, Chromeo’s lyrics are never superficial like current pop songs can tend to be—most songs have a certain substance that underlies the poppy, danceable beats Chromeo does so well. Although the record is a tad long, clocking in at nearly an hour, as are some of the individual tracks, it provides easy listening and entertaining. Listeners will be moved and amused by the diverse offerings on this album, and I’m sure many will be widely favoured for summer dance parties. As previously stated, this is just a fun record. There’s no plainer way to say it. I encourage you to take a listen for yourself and fall in love with Chromeo’s quirky, one-of-a-kind sound.