City Walls w/ Shotgun for Altamont

Show @ the Roxy - Vancouver

June 17, 2014

Shotgun for Altamont

Pounding drum beats and head-banging solos greeted concert goers at the Roxy Thursday night, with Shotgun For Altamont opening with an energetic and electrifying performance. With dress coded attire and an attitude that could only be described as fun, energetic, and full of humour, band members Adam Janis, Davis Steele, Spencer Dodd and Jack Feherty provided heaps of good times for the many ears in attendance. Amongst these good times was a performance of their latest song, Never Coming Down, with a powerful driving beat and danceable energy. The connection from the band to the audience was easily felt, with head bobbing from the moment the music started to the moment the last song was played. With sombre, slowed down tunes building into intense, riveting barrages of sound, Shotgun For Altamont is a gem to see live, able to match and exceed the energy given by an audience.


City Walls

City Walls continued with the amazing vibes the night had produced so far, bringing a folksy feel with mandolin and slide guitar. Witty banter seemed omnipresent in any break in music, giving off an impeccably comfortable attitude. Playing from their recent release Engines, listeners were treated to a joyous singer, a menagerie of guitars and a full dance floor. “This feels like a good night”, Paul Lambert remarks, and he is not wrong. The energy is unmistakable in the Roxy. With a charismatic bass player (Tony Lambert), a quick witted guitarist (Nate Parsons), a steady drummer (Brian Welsch) and a great internal connection, City Walls are true performers, building smooth country tunes into modern rock, creating dance tunes with unmatchable stage presence, and high kicking their way into listeners' hearts. Ending the night with an oldie but a goodie, Dark Days wove the night to a close while the band traipsed to and fro across the stage, as if to get as much out of it as possible before the night was through.

From opening to close, the Roxy played host to a head bumping good time.