Coldwater Road - The Woods

Released August 7, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Ambient acoustics set the tone for the first song by Coldwater Road. With overwhelming harmonies and calming strings, Drive proves to be a great opener to this album. A song about basically driving around in an old Pontiac, is easily relatable for anyone who’s had a crappy first car.

Title track, The Woods, is a beautiful duo combining more ambient strings and soft percussion that play ironically against the lyrics, “These woods are bringing me down.” Again, wonderful harmonies and string solos allow this song to be one of the most beautiful pieces on this album.

Taking things up a notch and almost breaking the sound barrier is Rocketship. With a wonderful theme of a man swooning over the girl he loves and wanting nothing more than to hold her and not let her go. You can really feel the love and honesty in every word of this song alongside a steady beat, little electric interlude, and more amazing strings sections.

If you need proof that Coldwater Road will do anything for you, then you have found the right song with Dear EurydiceDear Eurydice is a song about doing anything to make the girl you love all yours, with lyrics such as, “If you met another man, I’d punch him in the face.” This just shows how they can write something anyone can easily relate to.

The Walls is a song that shows the inspiration of some later Beatles music. With crazy and maniacal string parts, a steady beat, solid harmonies, and a fantastic guiding acoustic lead, The Walls is a fun piece that really completes this mix of songs.

Summing up The Woods is Hot Balloon. A song with great electric melodies, a solid piano foundation, rocking beat, killer harmonies, and absolutely cute lyrics. You want a group of musicians that will do everything and anything to keep your love, then look no further as Coldwater road will keep that love strong with this new album. Here’s looking forward to more and more music from them.