Released November 13, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

If you add a pinch of time travel and a dash of space energy, you get the galactic musical child of Complimentary Shadows, Moon The Elevator. A beautiful, thought provoking instrumental album by Lucas Mercer and Cameron Catalano.

The name of the album, Moon The Elevator, is a perfect title. You can close your eyes and just listen to each track flow into another, imagining an elevator stopping each time at a new phase of the moon. It's absolutely beautiful.

It starts with the Pink Floyd-esque opener, Apogee-Syzygy, with it’s sweet yet maniacal little guitar licks and gentle strumming patterns. This album offers tracks like that, and others like Full Moon that have soothin water sounds, and an insanely calming hum. If you ever wanted to take a personal trip to space just close your eyes and tune into this amazing album.

One track that stands out amongst the rest is Gibbous Waning, the title being the name of the way we see the moon in the early day when the sun starts coming up. The track is extremely hypnotic, carrying over some sounds of the previous track Full Moon, with the soothing water effects. This time, though, the additional buzz and hums of the track really mellow you out, while the soulful guitar slides now and then, sending you right back up into space.

The album ends with New Moon II, opening a lot more eerily than it’s partner song, New Moon I. It's simply a beautiful ending to this album. It cuts out all the music and sound near the end and leaving just the water effects to sooth you. All in all, it's just a fantastic piece of music.