Released March 1, 2016

By Morgan Berna

British/Canadian Connor Roff is a smooth-voiced folk-pop musician who isn’t afraid of playing with tempo, volume and harmony. Listening to his recent four-song EP release, Chasing Dreams, you get a taste of various styles Roff could explore successfully in the future.

The EP starts off on the right foot with the folk guitar, smooth vocals and overall upbeat quality of the title track, Chasing Dreams, leading into the beachy, bouncy vibes of Build It Higher. I was immediately transported to summer at the coast, wandering rocks and sharing a beer with friends.

Hold Me True (Hold Me Fast) struck me with the lyric, “Time is quick and time is slow,” a truth anyone can relate to. Around a minute into the song a breakdown cools things off and pulls the song in a more melancholic direction, then builds right back up to a faster tempo. This play with speed is well-executed, and shows Roff’s variability (an important factor on a short EP, where there isn’t much space to share all your skills).

Finally, Turn The Dark On keeps things sailing with a snappy beat and some rock influence. The singer providing harmony in this song has a wonderful breathy, innocent quality to her voice that complements Roff’s deeper tones well. The EP leaves you tapping your foot and eager to hear what Roff will have to offer next.