Consilience - Walking Through a Dead Night EP

Released December 4, 2014

By Rose Morris


Let’s talk about synth-pop for a minute. It’s cheesy. It’s Spandau Ballet and Flock of Seagulls. At best, it’s a guilty pleasure. But, magically, Edmonton-based indie dream-pop band Consilience has managed to create a synth-pop EP that doesn’t feel at all tacky. The layering of the synth with guitar, bass, and drums creates a kind of tapestry of sounds that puts the listener into what can only be described as a pleasant pop-trance, and rich vocals take it to that next level of sophistication.

Walking Through a Dead Night is chock-full of pretty vocals and ethereal melodies. All four songs have a strong pop vibe, with a sound that feels sweet, soft, and light-as-air. However, it’s not all angel food cake. The heavy percussion in Home Soon and electric guitar riffs in Grim give the EP a rock ‘n’ roll edge, and the expertly layered instruments throughout create the complexity and maturity that give Consilience their unique charm.

Lead singer Tasy Hudson’s vocals are perfect. She has a bubblegum-sweet voice with a slight gravelly quality which makes the whole effect beautifully haunting – especially because it’s paired with the dreamy combination of Hudson’s synth and Louis Mendez’s guitar. The whole EP is rich, complex, and a little psychedelic, yet mellow enough that it’s easy to get lost in. Like a really good daydream.

Walking Through a Dead Night is very accessible and a great listen for anyone who wants to frolic in some light indie-pop. So, pretty much everyone.