coriaplex - one way to forever

Released June 3, 2014

By Graham White

coriaplex’s second studio album, one way to forever is an visceral journey in zero gravity, emotionally charged and remorseful. There could be no better soundtrack choice for an astronaut as they make their way through the vacuum of space. The album is weightless in an orbital dance, mysterious and enlightening, invoking a hopeful discovery of the unknown whilst accepting the sad reality that one can never return home. It captures a dreamer’s imagination and calls to mind the magnificence of space, the awe of seeing the Earth from beyond it’s atmosphere.

To consider the album an emotional journey is an understatement, with deep into the heart of the sky filling the listener’s stomach with butterflies and anticipation, before lifting into a pure weightlessness. mercenary preservation follows, and the listener is overwhelmed by a feeling of no return, not hopeless but eager. The desire to discover is more potent than the fears of being lost in space. The album is ripe with imagery, each track filling the listener’s imagination with the vast expanses of space. in the arc of forgotten light provides this and more with the way it rises and falls, creating scenes swathed in empty space. The next track, eta carinae, invokes a morose acceptance, as if the fate of the musical astronaut is sealed in it’s space capsule, preparing to live out an existence without the feel of the Earth beneath their feet. As if to strengthen that feeling, eve and the angel’s lightly touched keys enforce a sense of being lost, with of hope in endless sleep building those keys into a wide-eyed lullaby. ghost on the carousel has the most orbital feel of all the tracks on the album, almost as if one is watching themselves drift by over and over, a satellite trapped in gravitational force. still life follows with a funk influenced space jam that seems out of place for just a moment. The listener is treated to an odd mix of funk and spacey droning sounds, creating a unique break in the norm. The final track, infinite momentum, builds slowly into it’s intensity, mournful but hopeful, distant and immediately close, holding and spinning the emotions the listener has picked up through the album.

From beginning to end, one way to forever is emotion incarnate. It is music to daydream to, to create and imagine and explore with. With it’s impressively potent space imagery, this is an album that demands attention from dreamers and thinkers alike.