Dave Plaehn - Radio Sister

Released December 8, 2014

By Adam Briscoe


Having grown up around music his entire life, Dave Plaehn soon got into it himself. Having been writing music as early as 1970 and recording as early as 1980, Plaehn now brings us his latest creation Radio Sister.   

Opening with a tasty reggae-jazz feel, Plaehn brings you I Want Love. Full of the need and want of satisfying someone with love and wanting it in return. Plaehn offers a classic reggae feel paired up to a 90’s pop sax solo. Having been influenced by musicians like Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin you can definitely hear a lot of the R&B and soul feel in a lot of Plaehn’s music. You can hear a lot of this on tracks Is Anybody Listening and Stranger Blues.

Having gone through many years of music and different genres through the years, you can definitely hear the influence of many different eras in Plaehn's music. Songs like Nothing’s Got A Hold On You with it’s funky bass lines and tight drums radiate with the R&B and disco sounds of the 70’s. While Better Things To Do carries sounds of the 90’s rock pop scene with it’s more polished sounds and textures.   

Then to wrap an album so full of variety, you have some close inspirational songs to Plaehn. With his deep roots in blues music, the song Stranger Blues is nothing short of prefect to finish off this album. From soulful harmonica lines that make you want to close your eyes and feel the music, to lyrics that are nothing short of poetry, Stranger Blues is great. All and all Plaehn puts together a variety of genres into one great album.

If you are interested in finding out more about Dave Plaehn’s music, where to buy, and where to see it live you can visit his website at www.plaehnmusic.com or check out his newest album Radio Sister at www.daveplaehn.bandcamp.com.