Released October 16, 2015

By Larry Chen

In the style of this indie band that’s been alive for a decade, Fading Frontier is a feel good and laid back album. On first impression, the album almost gave me a ska type feeling- or something similar to the after school garage band with the neighbourhood kids.

Although not widely known, the indie band fronted by Bradford Cox continues to mesh their sound with the ever innovating modern listener’s taste. With much more mainstream influences in this album, some of the tracks permeate a lead pop single vibe. Many of the tracks like Breaker, have a modern pop sound which could actually impact the band’s music career immensely. Despite plenty of previous success, this album may be their "breakout" album where we see a wider audience coming in to listen to it.

The standout track from the album is also the longest. Clocking in at almost 6 minutes, Leather And Wood takes their easy going sound to a new level. With some modern electronic influences, the track glitches out in a good way. Spaced out and almost psychedelic sounding, imagine listening to this track in a dark smoke filled room. Dissonant instrumentation meld together with the writing and interesting vocals of Cox. With lines like the opening- “I believe my head is on straight”- this track brings Deerhunter’s sound to a new genre.

This whole album is a collection of what seem to be teenage angst songs put to some amazing indie tracks. With an almost alternative timbre, Cox elevates the instrumentation of this album with his peculiar and instantly recognizable vocal tone. Not to discredit the band as well, this album was expertly crafted and the sound is created with a wild and strongly clashing way of production.

Deerhunter’s Fading Frontier gives off a mood of dancing with friends to the only indie alternative band in the area. The interesting choices of where they take their music is definitely the key standout of this album.