Released August 21, 2015

By Larry Chen

Derrival is a Vancouver-based Indie-rock group. They are a hard-hitting yet lyrical group whose melodies are easy to follow and very easy to listen to.  Derrival’s sound on their new EP Departure & Arrival is easy going and bright, yet something that would be the perfect soundtrack for a sun-kissed day at the beach.

Four members of the five piece group contribute to the record in terms of vocals but lead vocalist Adam Mah gives the listener an experience when they hear this record. Expertly mixed and composed, the vocals all show off the group’s individuality and set them apart from other easy, laid-back groups.  I would even compare Mah and Derrival’s sound to that of a male counterpart of indie singer Foxes. The timbre in his voice is very smooth yet tinged with the indie flair that sets every artist apart. The band itself, in its entirety, is similar to CHVRCHES.

The group’s writing is very loose and on certain tracks on the record, very sparingly used. The group seems to showcase their instrumental prowess a lot; something I don’t mind because they just create such listener pleasing music. Where there is writing however, they don’t lack in skill and versatility. They write based on what they want the track to sound like. Departure & Arrival doesn’t have a slow almost ballad like song but instead has a set of poetic and well-produced upbeat songs.

A favourite track off of Departure & Arrival is The Knife. It’s a very reggae inspired indie track that features a bouncing beat partnered with Mah’s vocals and tangy strings and guitars. The lyrics to the track are also quite lyrical and poetic: “What happens when thoughts keep drifting, in an endless flowing lake.”

Derrival’s EP Departure & Arrival is definitely something worth checking out and adding to your summer and all year round indie/alternative playlist. Easy listening and fun songs give this band a step up in the industry.