Dimestore Prophets - Be Yourself

Released April 15, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Dimestore Prophets start this musical journey with Be Yourself in Time, opening with a jamming bassline, driving percussion, and catchy melodies that give off a Barenaked Ladies kind of feel. Everything from the caring vocals to the truth of the title just feels so positive and there is no way that a song like this could bum you out.

Just like the beginning of this song, Hey Darlin’ feels like a fresh breath of air. Again, the Dimestore Prophets just can’t bring you down with such sweet melodies, not to mention the great organ chords shining over this song and the tasty guitar solo that brings it all together into one fun and loving song.

Calming things down a bit, Our Story is the sweet little gem of this EP, opening with some shining and soulful organ lines. Reminiscent of Jack Johnson, it gives you a beachy feel while still trying to tell you a nice little story, and isn’t that the dream of every successful singer-songwriter out there?

Let that church organ bring you back to the past right off the bat. Great lyrics, basslines, organ music, and a general awesome feel. Dimestore Prophets really bring the mood back up with this track. Let Good Lovin’ pick you up, wrap itself around you, and just try not to dance with this song.

Taking a darker turn on the EP, Draw for Love is chalk full of great guitar lines and lyrics. Dimestore Prophets seem to pour their hearts out in this song in hopes to find some kind of equality in a one sided relationship. Overall, a great and powerful song

To wrap up this fantastic EP is the bright and caring Sunny Day. Great reggae sounding beats and guitar shots intertwined with lyrics describing some perfect days with the one you love. Dimestore Prophets have shown a lot of progress with this and I hope to hear more from them in the future.