Releases July 24, 2015

By Rose Morris

After years of experimenting with different sounds and bands, Toronto native Allyson Baker has finally found the perfect fit with San Francisco-based group Dirty Ghosts.

There is this amazing new wave of girl vocalists active right now that we’re really excited about, and Dirty Ghosts is the perfect band to exemplify this new generation of chick rock. Their fresh, soon-to-be-released EP Cataract’s influences clearly have roots in iconic ‘80’s girl-fronted bands like The Runaways and Blondie, but also pulls from classic rock, punk, pop, and Riot Grrrl culture.  Collaborations with TOBBACCO and Mikey Young add Electro elements to the final two tracks and give this otherwise classic feeling EP a fun modern pop that keeps you coming back for more.

The EP gets you on your feet from the first track and keeps you dancing til it’s all over. The lead singer’s rich, throaty vocals definitely take centre stage in Cataract, but the driving percussion and skilled electric guitar riffs are nothing to scoff at either, and the addition of bubble-gum-sweet, twinkly synth in tracks like Witch Hunt give the EP its irresistible danceability.

Listening to Cataract makes you feel simultaneously like an angsty teen listening to punk for the first time and a weathered record exec who’s just stumbled onto the next big thing in rock’n’roll. Dirty Ghosts can pull this off because everything about them – their lyrics, their sound, their look - is dripping with playful rebellion and youthfulness, and they have the chops to back it up.

Whether you’re spending the season lounging oceanside or tearing it up in the concrete jungle, these Cali kids have created the perfect EP to punch up your summer playlist. And word on the street has it we can look forward to more Dirty Ghosts in the fall with the release of their upcoming full-length album Let It Pretend.