Dylan Dunlap - Ella

Released September 10, 2015

By Graham White

Dylan Dunlap brings us his new single, Ella, which is full of qualities that make singer-songwriter tracks so addicting. As with all of Dunlap’s songs, overwhelmingly the first thing listeners notice is his incredible vocals, only to be further impressed when the lyrics are heard. There is a certain quality to the backing vocals in Ella that strangely remind one of Men at Work’s Down Under.

Ella tells the story of a fictional female character that struggles with self-worth and allowing love into her life. Over the course of the song she opens up, and lowers her walls. A theme that almost anyone who’s been jaded by a lost-love can relate to, Ella is a powerful and uplifting track.

While the musicality doesn’t quite stand out, it is clear that listeners are meant to hone in on Dunlap’s voice and lyrical craftsmanship (case and point: the run Dunlap does on the word "pure" at 2:11 is ridiculous). These two qualities inherent in Dunlap’s music are interchangeable with any musical style, forming a warmth and sincerity that listeners will immediately connect with, falling deeply into Dunlap’s tender voice and heartfelt tone. Dunlap notes, “My one vision for my music career is to create an upbeat easy-listening experience as well as open up important conversations with my lyricism (source).” 

Lyrically visual and vocally impressive, Ella gives us a peek into what is soon to come from Dunlap’s song-book. A track that would be equally well played acoustically, with a full band, or even acapella, this is a song listeners will be eager to hear played live. For now, we will be listening to it on repeat, anxiously waiting for the LP that is sure to follow!