Show @ The Media Club, Vancouver - February 6, 2015

By Morgan Berna, Photography by Adam Briscoe

Echo Nebraska took to the stage in the packed Media Club last Friday night. For it being only their second live show, they were met with a huge amount of enthusiasm from the crowd. Clearly they’ve already begun establishing a name for themselves.

They started their set off with the last track on their new album (Send The Ships),  Pilgrim. A slow, and beautiful building track. It was a bit of a change for the crowd from the upbeat opening band, however after a few verses the crowd was entranced by Devan Christodoulou's beautiful vocals, and the gorgeous violin addition. What was immediately apparent at the Media Club was the awesome sound quality. You could hear every lyrics, and every chord individually. That’s something a lot of clubs can’t offer here in Vancouver - Truly awesome, clear sound.

Next up was Out of Time, met with cheers. The rocking start to this song gets people's attention. I’ll Get It Right had an awesome jungle style beat, and had the audience clapping. It had 50’s style shimmering guitar, and sounded essentially identical to the album version, which is awesome for a new band trying to get people buying and sharing their album. Only In Dreams sounded very Canadiana with the addition of sweet, gentle mandolin riffs. Hey, Allison was an easy crowd favourite, with lots of people singing along. The song is upbeat, while still having something a little eerie and interesting about it. All Through The Night is Echo Nebraska’s country song, and it definitely got people moving. It was fun to shake up the set, and throw in a different style of sound. Nice Philosophy was another easy crowd favourite, with its groovy beat and lyrics that make you want to sing along.

They finished their set off with Chain of Command, a darker song that still had a high energy. Echo Nebraska truly does have a sound that's unique. They keep things just easy enough to listen to that a wide variety of audiences would love their music, without losing that edge that's all their own. At this show, the audience was definitely left wanting more, and we know we’ll be hearing a lot more about this band over the next year.