Released January 26, 2015

By Adam Briscoe

Humming synth pad and warm guitar gets the ball rolling on Echo Nebraska's debut EP, Send The Ships. Opening with their single Hey, Allison, a song about someone who struggles with mental illness and the hope that it can be overcome with the power and purity of love's essence, is a catchy start to the EP. This sweet song feels influence by the works of Fleet Foxes, or Matthew Barber, while still being something totally beautiful in its own right.

Next up is Nice Philosophy, a good mix of folk, country and rock. With its palm muted intro and solo vocals that keep the listener tuned in and focused, to the moment the bouncy drums come in and add even more hop to this song, you'll be hooked.

A sweet introduction of guitar and tamborine bliss welcomes I'll Get It Right. A song that feels like a plea to a lover, asking for forgiveness, and promising to not screw things up again. It's a fun song, showered in shimmering guitar, a Doo Wop breakdown, and angelic harmonies similar to those of early Beatles songs. It's the sweet center of this tasty EP.

Then comes the thunder that is Out Of Time, kicking it off with pounding guitar shots. The songs adds a bit of grit to the EP, but the chorus keeps a little of that sweetness around. It has a powerful ending, with the last words of the song held on by piano chords.

Beautiful synth and gentle finger picking opens the final song of the EP, Pilgrim. The song is just so warm through and through. It has big open vocals and awesome harmonies that accompany them. You can easily find yourself getting lost in the beauty of this song with its repeating outro of You'll be leaving here tomorrow, before one more echo of guitar sends you off and the EP is over.