April 2, 2015

Review by Adam Briscoe and Morgan Berna, Photography by Jenn McInnis of Creative Copper Images

Though it was a big night for The Elixxxirs, we must, of course, mention the fantastic opening acts: Cawama and Everyone Left.

Kicking off the night was Cawama, opening with so much guitar feedback it could make your head spin. Although, I guess that’s what you get when your opening song is called Feedback. They carried a fantastic punching and driving beat throughout with a sound that can only be described as surfer rock meets indie punk music. At first there wasn’t a lot of stage presence, despite the music being quite good and powerful, but by the end of the show the band had gotten a lot more comfortable and into the groove of the audience. By the time we hit the middle of their set we got the treat of a little Pixies cover surprisingly sang by the drummer with background vocals from the lead singer. It was a very good switch up as not many drummers sing anymore. Finally we came to the last song, Son of Sam, which had the crowd up off their feet and dancing and showed a lot of energy from the band. All and all this was a pretty good way to kick off the night.    

Next up was the Victoria based group, Everyone Left, who, even though they missed soundcheck and were a tad bit late, managed to play a killer show. This band was a fun mix up of genres, with pieces of rap, rock, reggae, and soul. Everyone Left was feeling it right from the start, with the sound of beautiful church organs adding extra flavour to the ongoing rap-rock mix. Many of their songs intertwined acid rock guitar effects along with different organ sounds and deep chunky bass grooves, though unfortunately we were told that the saxophone player couldn’t make it out for the show. The audience was also taking in the full of effect of the bands energy, dancing and swinging around like crazy to the polka style keyboard solo that was being played and again to the insane face melting guitar solos that were being ripped throughout. Hopefully we start hearing more about this band in the future.

Third was our main event, Elixxxirs, celebrating the release of their new album. They started their set with East Side, a heavy rock song with country notes. It was fast, upbeat, and got people moving. Elixxxirs were very in tune with each other for stage presence right away. Their fourth song, It’s You, had a cool beachy, chill vibe to it. This was immediately counteracted by the aggressive, thrashing guitar of Misery. A personal favourite of ours was Gold Digger, with its crazy guitar lines and fantastic audience participation. Elixxxirs played us some new tracks, and some old, and overall it was a fun performance. 

Finishing off the night was reggae-ska band, The Ponderosas. Their smooth vocals for Molly impressed and grabbed attention right away. The brass instruments were a perfect addition, with the trumpet player being one of the most energetic people we’d seen on stage all night. The Ponderosas got the audience really involved, and even brought some audience members up on stage to learn a dance. I’m So Cold had incredible horn lines, Strong showcased the incredible vocal harmonies of the two female leads, and Think Twice had a wicked guitar solo. The Ponderosas were brought back on for an encore, where they play us a new unreleased song Not Gonna Be. Overall, it was a high-energy end to an awesome night.