Released August 24, 2014

By Graham White

Right from the onset, the self-titled EP EVVY is ripe with energy, infecting listeners with dance fever. With slow grooving electronic beats bouncing into my ears, it is difficult not to be encapsulated by EVVY’s echoing vocality and shimmering vibe. Impressively, each track has a uniqueness that sets one apart from the other, something that is rarely heard in conventional pop albums. The EP has one foot on the pop platform and another on the electronica train, with a complexity to it that provides listeners with a great deal of danceable tunes that discard the notion that pop music should be simplistic and trite.

Opening the EP with Got Me Movin’, EVVY wastes no time in throwing the listener head first into a groovy electronic sound. It would be a difficult task indeed to attempt stillness while appreciating this track. With such an addictive vocal sound, listeners would be hard-pressed not to become wrapped in it’s warm embrace. You Said follows, with a sound reminiscent of Austra or Oh Land, giving listeners an ethereal experience. There is a beautiful, floating tone that makes my ears ring with pleasure, calm yet expressive, alight with emotion. Haze brings a slow electronic beat and shows it off, building it up to become an energetic and fulfilling tune. With appropriately hazy vocals, the track is beautifully done, engaging the listener at every turn.

Collide takes on a heavy electronic beat, perfectly complimenting EVVY’s vocal talents. A seriously powerful track, the vocals feel right at home nestled in between heavy electronica and spine-shivering energy. Calling has a heavily manufactured sound that is anything but conventional. With odd tones swirling in my ears, I am enamored with the unique sound EVVY manages to express with ease. Never Let You Go follows with many layers of synthesizer, creating an environment of tone, making for a hyper-active dance track. As the title would suggest, the track grabs a hold of the listener and refuses to let go of their attention. Swing finishes off the EP with a vocal tone that could not be described as anything but immensely pure. It seems to have the best of both subdued sound and explosive energy, swinging between the two extremes. For the listener, it creates a roller coaster of tone as they rise and fall with the sound.

EVVY EP is a fresh take on the often stale genre of pop music, full of danceable energy and complexity. With brilliant echoing vocality and unique composition, the EP is easily appreciated, and listeners are quick to fall in love with EVVY’s pristine sound.