Facts - The Hunch EP

Released 27, 2014

By Adam Briscoe

Sit down and get ready for a seriously killer EP. Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Facts, and band born out of East-Vancouver, combining the love of rock and roll with the heart beating pace of electronic music. Facts' new The Hunch EP delivers and leaves you wanting more.

Right from the get-go Nerves punches you with it’s funky rhythm, then swings around and dazzles you with haunting synth based vocal effects. Nerves brings brilliant textures of electronic effects that could paint a picture directly into your ear holes and makes for the perfect opener to any EP.

The next song Forest Fire brings what I feel other bands have either come close to, or failed. The Facts have found a balance of rock music and electronic music and this shows it all in perfect harmony. Coming at you with a solid rock beat, solid harmonized background vocals, steady guitar, and  organic and truthful vocals that sound like they’re coming right from the soul. This songs bound to set your mind on fire…yes, a forest fire!

Get ready to move! Alix gets your feet moving right away with it’s memorable synth melody, making you unable to stop. With vocal effects reminiscent of Lennon on Sgt. Pepper, you can’t help but fully sink into them. You'll find yourself grooving along from the shots of horns and the increasing thrills. Alix  is bound to get you on a musical high.

Coming at you with its warm, beautiful harmonies, Caught Up sends you back to tones reminiscent of the 80s and traps you in its honest vocals right before launching you into a sexy rock feel. With amazing underlying synth lines and hammering piano chords this song would make the perfect calming interlude to just put on and relax.

With a hypnotic, cute, poppy, warming synth intro like this The Hunch EP may win your heart right away. With the vocals, killer synth solo, group chorus line, and breakdown into synth bass means this track has a ton of dynamics. Facts truly have the gift of creating textures in songs and bringing the imagination to life through music.

Facts truly have grown since their electrifying 2012 album Like a Living Being. With such a great set of songs from The Hunch EP, audiences should expect nothing but the best to come from the full album. Here's to hoping we get to hear it soon!