FRANKIE - GIRL of infinity

Released July 7, 2015

By Joel Strauss

FRANKIE is an all-female indie dream-pop group from Vancouver, British Colombia that has the sounds of soaring, gorgeous dream-like vocals and lush arrangements that interlace and layer themselves to both a smooth and powerful effect. Perhaps the biggest strength of their debut EP Girl of Infinity, released on July 7, 2015, is the unique talent of the lead vocalist, who brings a particularly gorgeous texture to the melodies, a voice that has both the qualities of rock n’ roll brawn and smooth, delicate soul.

The first track, Mermaid, brings these strengths to the forefront, with a slicing ‘Hey, hey!’ that has the perfect raw ingredient to balance the ethereal, velvety overtones in the music. This seemingly paradoxical combination of sounds is a great characteristic of this group as a whole.

As this is their first professionally recording project, Girl of Infinity maps out the first steps for a group, like the artist’s first chiseling into the clay; and the peak of the potential still lies ahead. For this reason, dedicated listeners may wish to hear something that stands out a little more from the niche of ‘indie rock/dream pop’, however, the potential of this group to step into a sound that is their own is enormous: the songs themselves are expertly crafted, with great care given to the overall production and arrangements, and again, a significantly talented vocalist.

The standout track, Atmosphere, is saved for last, with a rousing chorus that seems to include both the major and minor key, giving it a unique and shimmering melody that will likely make the listener want to click ‘repeat’ immediately after the fading ending. FRANKIE is a group with incredible potential, one that everyone in the indie rock/dream pop world will want to keep an eye on.