Released August 12, 2016

By Jasmine Proctor

As we mourn the loss of summer, there’s always that one track that arrives on the scene to make up for the loss of sunshine and let us reminisce on the days gone by. French Press’ new single Plato’s Cave is just that — a nostalgic yet forward-thinking song that’s perfect for those who are missing the heat. Youthful, fun and catchy, Winnipeg-based French Press has constructed an end-of-summer anthem for 20-somethings with this single. The lyrics and instrumentals work in sync to cultivate something fresh and new.

With laid-back guitar riffs and retro vocals, I felt like I was listening to a track plucked straight from a '90s child’s mix tape. From the beginning, French Press sets a tone of blissful nostalgia, the mellow drum and guitar duo setting the stage for the thought-provoking lyrics. This song is unique in the way it blends an upbeat rhythm with intuitive lines such as “Do you resent what your life is gonna look like?” This contrast was one of my favourite elements of this track, and I think French Press finds a harmonious balance between the two. That balance, paired with singer Chantel Emond’s vintage timbre, allows this single to breathe new life into the alternative rock genre.

After experiencing this song, I cannot wait to hear what French Press turns out next. With relatable lyrics, evocative notes and trendy beats, this single is sure to find its way onto the must-listen list for those who want an escape from the cold rainy days of fall. It’s the perfect mix of indie and alternative, and its ideas about love, life and the future speak to the listener in a new and authentic way.