Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Released June 4, 2014

By Graham White

Fucked Up’s Glass Boys is as abrasive as steel wool while being mentally stimulating and musically energizing. Listening to the often harsh vocals is worth it for the impressive, disorienting drum tracks and the brilliant musicality in their composition. Glass Boys may not be the easiest on the ears, but it rewards its listeners with a highly ambitious and conceptually challenging album.

The album starts with Echo Boomer’s childish sounding xylophone and grows up all too quickly, bursting into hormonal-rage grooves. It’s energy is matched in Touch Stone, with dizzying echo and movement-inducing beats. Sun Glass follows, eccentric and joyful with it’s shifting moods, yet remaining energetic and hopeful. The Art of Patrons is thought provoking, and provides a introductory build that keeps you invested all the way through. Warm Change opening with a drum line reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s When the Levee Breaks, followed by shifts to and from half-time beats make for a remarkable song. The heavily manipulated sound of the guitar over the classic organ makes one’s spine tingle, making this a definite must-listen track.

Glass Boys’ single Paper the House is, lyrically, the most potent track on the album. It is not necessarily ‘good poetry’, but is socially conscious and culturally relatable:The way I make my living has driven me insane/ It’s a 21st century irony, where everything you hoped for in life fills you with anxiety.”

DET follows this lyrical monolith with rhythmic anarchy, building up your expectations to give you the opposite. By far, DET serves up the tastiest beats with an unmatchable energy. Led By Hand’s moments with soft vocals under the abrasive texture of Damian Abraham’s voice makes for an enjoyable listen. The cacophony that is The Great Divide takes harsh to the next level. This noise seems so intrinsic to the final track, Glass Boys, with it’s anthemic and rallying sound.

Glass Boys is a surprising and dynamic album, full of magnificent rhythm and grooving tones. The abrasiveness lends itself well to the overall feel of the album, creating a emotion-filled state of listening. The album is an energetic powerhouse, and a must listen for the punk at heart.