Future Islands - Singles

Released March 24, 2014

By Brendan Tuytel

I consider myself a cynic in the sense that I don’t really believe in a timeless record. I believe in an aging and dying process that even art is privy to. Maybe it’s not as drastic as either being iconic or not, but more of a drawn out degradation. Singles may not be timeless, but its hybrid of modernity and dated 80’s synth pop challenged my concept of how art and music ages.

Standing on the edge of the vast depravity of being “ironic,” this album is a risk in so many ways. The fact that this album succeeds is a testament to the artists and the chemistry developed in nearly a decade before signing to 4AD and releasing this record. The creativity is grounded and subdued when necessary, keeping it teetering on the brink of being excessive; these are components that we’ve all seen separately, but never put together in this exquisitely beautiful, dynamic package. Most importantly, it shows that art is persistent through those who take it as inspiration. Singles feeds off nostalgia; it’s a sonic photo album and this makes it an incredible trigger for musical trips down memory lane, prompting revisiting and discovery.